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Where Did The Weekend Go?

Posted by | Posted in Monday Mornings, Society | Posted on 03-11-2008

Will things get any better? Will they shite. Or maybe they will, but I won’t notice.

It’s Monday morning again – where did the weekend go? Despite being only 25, time seems to be passing by quicker and quicker with each passing day. And what scares me slightly is that whenever you mention it to an elder, they say that it doesn’t get any better as you get older. Seeing as most of my elders are 40+, that doesn’t fill me with much confidence.

So tomorrow is the day that Obama is likely to become the next American president. I don’t follow American politics very closely, but it’s always intriguing to see how a new leader will change a country. By all accounts things can’t get much worse since Bush took over, but I suspect that once Obama gets into power, the usual trends will be followed, the spirits will be dampened, and he’ll realise that running a country isn’t the greatest job in the world. He’ll no doubt fall down on the job (through no fault of his own, probably) just like everyone else does.

But does everyone else really fall down on the job when it comes to running their country? I’ve noticed for a number of years now how the Great British Public (and probably the general population of every country) have a knack for pointing out someone’s downfalls, but are very slow to give praise where it’s due. People only seem to remember the bad points, but rarely do they bring up the good points. In this day and age it seems to me like people expect nothing less than perfection as a standard, and they want it now. Anything short of that, and all hell breaks loose. So does this mean that the complaints about Bush, Blair, Brown, and everyone else for that matter are actually warranted? Or is it just another example of the general public complaining for the sake of complaining? Nobody is perfect, and very rarely can someone who complains actually do a better job, and so should we be complaining at all?

As I say, I dont know enough about politics to make any real comments, but I’m pretty sure that things are far more complicated than they seem. So when a decision is made by a world leader that seems complete nonsense to Joe Average, perhaps it really is the better of two evils, but we’re just not clued in enough to know what those evils are. I guess that begs the question, “are they really looking out for the best interests of the country?”, but in all honesty the answer is probably yes. And if they’re not, then who’s to blame for putting them into power in the first place?…

I guess the only people who have the right to complain are those who vote for “the other guy”. At least they bothered to vote, unlike most of the country, and they voted for someone other than the guy currently in power. Everyone else either didn’t bother to vote, or voted for the guy they are now complaining about. Still, complaints or not, things don’t seem to change much. I’m just glad things aren’t worse than they are already.

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