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What A Day

Posted by | Posted in Personal Shizzle | Posted on 06-03-2009

Had an awesome day yesterday!

I got to work, and straight away I checked on the status of my holiday booking – and it had been approved! So that’s four solid weeks I’ve got off from work in the summer, ready to go on this road trip across America!

Now that I’ve got the time booked off, I can start to book flights and car hire etc, so after work today I’ll heading oop norf to see the guy I’ll be travelling with, so that we can check everything out and hopefully get something booked. Once it’s booked – it’s game on!

Not only did my holiday get confirmed, but I also got a promotion, and a good ol’ pay rise! As I’ve mentioned previously, the other developer left the company a couple of weeks ago, which basically leaves responsibility for everything web-related to me! So, in changing my job title to reflect the increase in responsibility, I’ve also had a sneaky pay rise.

I also went down the gym last night to make up for my laziness on Wednesday, and I found that I had a fair amount of energy compared to usual (no thanks to the news of a pay rise, I imagine!) and so I found myself pumping iron like a mad man. I managed to do some of the heaviest weights I’ve done since I joined, on the lateral pull-down and leg press. I don’t think three sets of 10 reps at 150Kgs is a bad effort for the leg press! Considering I only weigh around 60Kgs, that’s pretty good. I think I should push myself a little harder down the gym from now on.

Oh, and to round things off nicely, my DVDs from Play got delivered. They had a £5 sale a few days ago, and so I went through all 1500 DVD titles to see if there’s anything I liked, and sure enough there was. I managed to get the number of DVDs down to five (from about 20) and they all got delivered yesterday.

Today sees me finishing off a proof-of-concept web app for my manager. He was having a little trouble getting something to work, and as he’s on holiday today, he set me the task of solving his problems. He reckoned it’d take me most of the day to solve “this nasty little beastie”, although I’d solved the issue and had something working five minutes before I went home last night. Which leaves me with a little free time today to sort out the road trip holiday.

Happy days!

UPDATE: Here’s a funny-but-you-shouldn’t-laugh story of the week.

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