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Wha’ Goin’ On?!?

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment, Geek Stuff | Posted on 19-08-2009

“We just want to go home.”

I know I said I’d do a writeup of my time in the USA, and I (probably) still will, but right now I wanted to write about something that I’ve been wanting to see since I saw the trailer for the first time: District 9.

Fair enough, it was produced by Peter Jackson (among others) and the marketing team are using that fact quite heavily in their promotional bumpf, but I don’t mind. Anything that gets people to see a film that looks as good as that is worth a try in my book.

For those that don’t know, District 9 is about a group of aliens that landed on Earth 28 years ago, and due to being unable to return home, were forced to live in slum-like conditions in Johannesburg, South Africa. The government, unable to decide what to do with them, handed them over to a multi-national corporation called the MNU. The MNU hardly have the alien’s best interests at heart, and are more concerned about getting the alien weaponry (that crashed with the aliens) to work – something the government had trouble doing. It needs alien DNA to operate, and so the government have had no luck in getting the weapons to function.

Step in, some random reporter guy. He goes into District 9 to report about something or other, and gets infected with an alien viral agent that starts changing his DNA to that of the aliens. Of course, the MNU see this as a prime opportunity to get the weapons working, and hunt the guy down like a dog. Going on the run, he realises that the only place he can hide is within District 9… with the aliens. Check out the trailer:

Not bad, eh? It was a fairly low budget film (around $30m I think) but if the film is as good as the trailer makes it look, then they’re onto a winner. Apparently it took $37m in it’s opening weekend in the US, so that has to say something.

Reviews of the film are pretty good too. It’s currently got 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a score of 8.8/10 (with 17000 votes) on IMDB. It’s released on 4th Spetember here in the UK. I can’t wait!

Another film I did want to see, but through the sheer volume of advertising is something I really can’t be arsed with now, iss G.I. Joe. The trailer looked cool, but it doesn’t really give away anything of the story, which leads me to suspect that there isn’t much of a story to give away. And the 6.1/10 rating on IMDB sort of confirms that. I guess if you’re after a bit of action and some good special effects, but with a thin plotline, then G.I. Joe is your film. Having said that, one review of District 9 said the same thing about District 9, so I don’t now what to believe.

I’ve been getting into Twitter a bit lately. For the longest time I thought it was a waste of time, and to be honest it is, but you can find some really up-to-date info on it, and like most social networking websites, you can easily keep in contact with your mates by using it. I’d recommend joining up, if only for the novelty factor (which will no doubt wear off after a year or two).

I got a text message from my sister the other day, asking me to do another mix. I’ve had three new mixes in the pipeline for a while, but since re-arranging the furniture, I’ve not had time to properly hook up my CDJs to my PC to record anything. She wanted me to record a Deadmau5 mix, which as far as I can tell, is basically a CD full of Deadmau5 tracks, so I might give that a go. I find his tracks to be a bit hit-and-miss, but a Deadmau5 CD might actually be worth making.

After that, I should really pull my finger out and record these three other mixes. One of them is almost done, and another is pretty much complete as far as the track selection is concerned, but the first of the three is but a twinkle in my eye.

Since getting back from the US, I realised that I hadn’t quite spent as much money as I thought I might, although I wasn’t far off. But that’s just as well, because I hadn’t saved up as much money as I thought I might before I went. Overall, things have worked out quite nicely. Aside from an impending speeding ticket that we’re expecting to have to pay, I still have the money to put the house-buying plans back in action. It’ll take a bit more saving up to be honest, but considering the magnitude of the holiday, I think I’ve done quite well not to have spent as much as I thought I might. Woo!

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