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Werd To The Old School

Posted by | Posted in Finance, Random, Tunes | Posted on 15-10-2008

“Run for the hills!… No, wait, The Hills Have Eyes.”

Yesterday evening I was paid a visit by a family member who’d been stashing away quite a few things of mine for a number of years. They had decided that, seeing as they no longer actually lived at the house in which the items were stored, it was probably time I took them back. And how glad I am that I did.

In among the hundreds of boxes of Star Trek Fact Files, toy figures, and action playests, I found 15 or 16 CDs, which I had actually burnt from MP3s that I “borrowed” from Napster back in the day. It all brought back memories, but particulary the CDs. On those CDs were the first trance tunes that I’d ever heard, and also some tunes that I’d downloaded thanks to the CDs I’d bought at around that time. I’ve been toying with the idea of recording a new mix involving some old trance that I used to listen to, and I think this little discovery has just made up my mind. So the next mix I record will definitely be an old-school trance compilation, which is a far cry from the recent housey sets that I’ve been playing.

I read an interesting analogy today. The Chairman was discussing his previous liberal views about washing your hands after visiting the gents’ (and the ladies’ as well, I suppose, although I doubt he’s had much experience using ladies toilets) and he pointed out that:

…Using paper to wipe your bum, while akin to trying to wipe bird shit from your hair with a newspaper, at least keeps your hands clean…

Indeed it does. I’ve lived with a Muslim chap myself, and I could never quite bring myself to try Istinjaa. As clean as it must leave your rim, it’s just not something I’d feel comfortable doing. I do have a compromise, however – wet wipes. With wet wipes, you get all the obvious cleanliness of water (and added moisturisers to boot) but you get the “friction” and hygene of a good loo roll. It’s the best of both worlds, although in some extreme cases (involving strong ethnic foods, or an over-indulgence of figs) I can envisage things getting a lot worse before they get better. A bit like the banking system in Iceland.

Speaking of which, many UK peeps had set up savings accounts with Icelandic banks, thanks to their good interest rates, and the constant recommendations by Captain Moneysaver. I bet they’re all kicking themselves now. I’m just glad that I’m with an international bank that has a UK division. Not only will it (hopefully) mean that my bank won’t be completely bankrupt should their UK division go belly up with everyone else, but it also means that my savings are covered up to £50,000, thanks to the UK government. I don’t suppose the folks with the Icelandic banks are quite so lucky.

If someone wants to design me a new header image for the site, that would be great. I want to keep the blue thing, but I’d quite like to have a blacked-out silhouette of a DJ on the left-hand side. Something a bit “street art”, if you know what I mean. You won’t get paid for it, of course, but you might earn yourself a mention on the blog and a link to your own site. Entries should be sent in on a self-addressed envelope.

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