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Two Day Week

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 09-03-2009

Miraculously, despite the 20 days off work I booked last week, I’ve still got about 8 days of holiday left this year. Five are from this year’s quota, and three are left over from last year. I decided to take a few days this week, so I’ll only be at work for two days this week!

I have to say, it seems a little dauntong to know that I’ve basically used up the entire year’s holiday, despite it only being March. Although I’ve got five days left, I’ll no doubt have to use those days on a trip to Amsterdam. Not that I’m complaining, of course, but it means I don’t have an holiday for anything else at all this year.

I’ve got a headache again. I think it’s due to a lack of sleep, what with me spending all weekend up north booking flights to the US for my American road trip in the summer. I’m also planning on going down the gym after work, to work off the KFC I consumed during the weekend. It occured to me how much this month-long trip is going to cock up my diet/exercise regime. At least I’ve got something to get fit for now, which I’ve found is a great help. But I’m almost bound to come back from the US resembling a bloated deep fat fryer. I’ll just have to remember to eat my vegetables while I’m over there! I’ve also been informed that the tea over there can be rather lacking/shocking. As Tony is an avid fan of tea, I guess we’ll be stocking up on the old PG Tips before we go.

(Ahh, the headache pills are kicking in now. Wonderful. I give them an hour at most, then the headache will return to take it’s revenge.)

With my whereabouts being rather haphazard over the weekend, I’ve not really been keeping up with the news, although a brief look on my iGoogle page shows a few interesting tidbits. Firstly, a warm virtual pat on the back for Harry Patch, the last surviving veteran of the World War I trenches. Personally, I can’t imagine what tings must have been like during those times, but I’m pretty sure that, while things are still bad during wartime, they’re not nearly as bad as they were back then. The Iraq war, for example, has been going for six years now, and British casualties have yet to top 200 as far as I know. Yet, after six years of fighting in WWII, millions of casualties had suffered the fate of death. So my hat goes off to the WWI and WWII vets who gave their lives for the west. I’m just glad that things aren’t quite so bad nowadays, although in some respects they’re worse.

It seems that my old ISP, Tiscali, are in a bit of a financial pickle (join the club). Apparently there have been talks with BSkyB about a possible aquisition, but nothing has come of it. Not only that, but Tiscali has decided to miss an interest payment on it’s debt this month in order to use the cash elsewhere. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure Martin Lewis would have something to say about that!

There are many instances of high-profile companies clutching at straws, but this one strikes me as a bit silly. From what I gather, L’Oreal (the company responsible for such ludicrous marketing lines as a shampoo that has “light-reflecting shine technology”, and a hairdryer that has “an in-built system”) has decided that eBay should be held responsible for the sale of counterfeit goods. Specifically L’Oreal counterfeit goods, I presume. Of course, eBay is a site through which items of all shapes, sizes and category are sold, but they can’t possibly vet every single item for sale. Another recent case is that of The Pirate Bay. I’ve yet to see how that court case turned out, but I shall find out at some point. The way things were going when I last read anything about it, it seemed just as ridiculous as it did last time, and the record labels and film companies wouldn’t see a penny from the owners of the site.

Cyber-squatting is still a very well-practiced hobby among the web-inclined. Cyber-squatting is basically where a person registers a web address, like www.example.com, in the hopes that a company called Example will come along and offer large amounts of money for the name. People have made quite a good living off of this, although there are laws in place to protect companies from deliberate squatting. Recent changes to copyright law include website addresses, so if you can prove that your company has been trading under a particular name for longer than the domain name has been registered for, then you’re legally entitled to challenge the owner for it, or even have the name handed over to you, if malicious intent was the cause of the domain registration in the first place.

Still, call it what you like, it’s still a good way to make some money. Or at least, it used to be…

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