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Tramapoline!! Trapapolie!!

Posted by | Posted in Random, Stupidity, Technology | Posted on 23-01-2009

Yes! It’s Friday again – the best day of the week. It might be pouring with rain outside, the economy might have gone belly up, and I might not have dropped the kids off at the pool yet this morning, but it’s still a great day!

But not for this woman, who was stabbed to death by her ex-husband because she changed her Facebook marital status to “single”. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really a fan of Facebook (see what I did there?) but I do find it useful to the extreme. And their coders seem to know what they’re doing too. However, I’ve still not quite gotten used to the new interface, and I found it a complete pain in the arse trying to remove the applications I’d once installed. Perhaps they designed it like that on purpose, in order to try and keep the apps installed for traffic purposes.

For the first time ever since I started going to the gym regularly, I’ll be heading down the gym for the third time this week. To be honest, that was always the aim – to go down there for a workout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but for various reasons (involving laziness, tiredness and simply having better things to do) I’ve never actually done a three-day week. So this is a momentous occasion for me, although I know it won’t be happening again for a little while. Next Monday (or should that read this Monday?) I’m off to see the mortgage advisor again, so unless I want to get down the gym for two days in a row, a three-day week will be impossible. I’ve contemplated going at the weekend too, but the opening hours are too short for my liking.

As a bit of a geek, tech fan, and admirer of the Japanese in general, I found this news story quite cool. Brilliantly, the robot in the article is named the T-34 which is a nice reminder of the various models of Terminator from the films/TV show of the same name. If anyone is going to design and build Skynet, it’ll be the Japanese.

A new season of Lost started this week. I knew that it would start sometime soon, but I’d completely forgotten how far into January we are. Now that Lost and 24 are back on our screens, we only need Heroes and Terminator to continue and everything is back to normal. I’m not sure how I fit it all in to be honest, and this year’s Celebrity Big Brother has taken up some of my time as well. Although it’s been OK, I’m still glad it’s only lasted for three weeks. Three and a half months worth is pushing it a bit really. Although I love the show, it seems to take up too much of my time!

Also, a new series of Skins started last night on E4. What a great show! I know it’s full of kids drinking and doing drugs, but it can be hilarious, and just goes to show how bad some kids have it. I’ve yet to work out why it’s called ‘Skins’ though. I’d like to think it’s because of something other than the obvious drug reference.

UPDATE: Dropped the kids off at the school now.

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