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Too Much Stress!

Posted by | Posted in Random, The 9-To-5 Droll | Posted on 17-02-2009

Modern-day jobs (or more accurately, careers) have far too much stress for my liking. It’s no wonder people burn themseves out by the age of 30, especially the logic-oriented professions that usually involve computers.

People aren’t cut out for all this stress if you ask me. People were designed to be happy things, running about in fields eating other, slower animals. But instead, we’ve managed to corner ourselves into this high-powered, highly-stressed culture.

It makes me wonder what else there is out there. I’ve been known to restrict myself too much, and I still find that whenever I stop and think about a course of action I’m taking or a decision I’m making, that there are so many more possibilities that I hadn’t considered before. I never seem to get into the frame of mind that allows me to think outside the box, as they say.

Like the other day, I was wondering what I’d be doing if I wasn’t a web developer. I’d like to be a chef, and could also see myself being a doctor, if it didn’t require so much time to train. I do wonder what else there is beyond the usual 9 to 5. Being a freelancer, or owning my own web design company, has always been something I wanted to do, but with the economy the way it is at the moment, it’s not worth taking the risk full time. Being a chef would be cool, although the hours are likely to be quite unforgiving. And being a doctor, while totally worth it, would involve too much time to train and go through med school that I wouldn’t be willing to give up. Not to mention the stress you’d feel in a job like that.

What would I do with my working life if there weren’t any computers? I’ve got no idea, to be honest, but I do like to think about it when things get overly hectic at work. Being a professional DJ would be great, although I value my hearing too much to actually do that.

Talking of technology, it seems that the owners of The Pirate Bay are being taken to court (again) because of the site that they created. When will people learn that they’re not actually doing anything wrong. As their lawyer quite rightly points out:

…[the site] can be compared to making cars that can be driven faster than the speed limit…

What he means is that even though there are laws that are meant to be obeyed, there are often people who present opportunities for them to be broken, but ultimately it’s up to the people not to be tempted. Or, in this case, to use the opportunities for legal purposes. There’s no disputing that piracy CAN affect sales (and hence profits) but I personally don’t believe that sales have been hurt quite as much as they make out. I mean, technically it’s illegal to record programmes off of the TV, yet you don’t hear film studios complaining that the VHS tape and associated recorder has damaged film sales. Nor do you hear TV channels complaining that people record programmes using their Sky+ box. It’s all technically illegal, but people are trusted to use the services in such a way that nobody loses out. The same goes for The Pirate Bay. P2P filesharing technologies are not illegal, and they can be used very effectively for a multitude of legal purposes.

It seems the 4 o’clock wall has hit me… at midday. It’s just as well I’ll be having a good old fashioned cooked lunch in about half an hour. The odd bits and pieces that have occured today here at work seem to mount the stress like a horse-rider mounts a horse, or a gangster mounts a ho. Cha-ching!

On watching the latest X-Files film the other day, I found that although it’s a reasonable film, the music-lover in me thought the end title credits theme tune was actually the best bit of the film. On listening to the soundtrack, the version on the CD is slightly different to that on the film, but it’d still make an excellent intro tune for my next set.

Speaking of sets, the latest set I recorded hasn’t been downloaded as many times as the previous ones. Perhaps two mixes in a week is a bit much, and people get bored. However, I’m still receiveing feedback from people about This Is My Church, so that’s awesome. If I’d known that people were going to take an interest in the way that they have, I would have made more of an effort to mix it properly!

Yesterday, after going to the gym, I found myself more stressed out than I was before I went to the gym. I like to think of the gym as a place where you can get some of your frustrations out of your system by pushing yourself to the limits, so after getting more stressed out after having been, I wasn’t best pleased. The cause of my dismay was, naturally, the buses. Mine was over half an hour late showing up, and when you’ve worked all day and spent an hour pummelling the machines at the gym,the last you want is to have to wait an extra half an hour to get home and eat. What narks me off even more, though, is the fact that the bus driver offered no apology for his lateness, or even an explanation.

Having watched the latest Family Guy episode last night (when I finally managed to get home, that is) I found quite an amusing part whereby some audio recordings of Christain Bale on the set of the new Terminator film were played, intersparsed with Peter Griffin voice periodically chipping in with completely useless comments. The whole thing was hilarious, but I had no idea where the audio came from. Upon searching the mighty Google, I found that apparently, Bale completely lost it when a crew member kept walking into his line of sight during a scene shoot. The audio recording of the outburst was sent to the film studio’s insurance company (as Bale had threatened to quit the film if said crew member wasn’t fired) and was subsequently leaked onto the net.

I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with Bale. I’ve always thought he was good at his job, and his recent and past roles have been excellent, but stories of him hitting his own mother, and now this, have tainted my opinion of him. Clearly he’s got a temper, and some anger-management issues. Still, it makes for great comedic listening. And at least he had the decency to apologize, both to the guy himself, and to the public. All is forgiven, now go kill some Terminators!

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