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To Go Or Not To Go… (Not)

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 04-03-2009

For some strange reason, I decided to go to bed a bit later than usual last night. I know that if I do, I’ll have no energy the following day (and sure enough I haven’t) but I still do it on occasion.

Which is a bit silly really, considering that today is either Gym Day, or Give Blood Day. I’ve pretty much decided that it’s neither, though. I didn’t bring my gym gear with me to work today as I’d planned to pop down and donate vast quantities of life-giving red stuff, but feeling as I do now (after having eaten a Harvester Special Mess On A Plate) I’ve decided that I’m not going to part with a pint of blood after all. Apologies to anyone who might otherwise have received a blood donation from me!

Ever since I started giving blood again (which was last October, I believe) I’ve had numerous letters through the post from the blood donation service. Usually it’s to inform me when the vampires will next be in town, and so I should make an appointment to donate whenever I can. Recently, however, they’ve been sending me leaflets asking me to donate platelets as well. Platelets are basically cells that, among other things, form scabs over a wound whenever someone cuts themselves. Presumably there’s many and various other uses for them, as otherwise I can’t imagine why they’re trying so hard to get me to donate those as well. Of course, when you donate blood you also donate platelets, but apparently they can actually extract the platelets from your blood using a special machine, and so it’s possible to donate yet more platelets even if you’ve recently given blood.

According to the wikipedia article, platelets have a shelf life of up to around 12 days, and at the moment there are no effective storage techniques for them, meaning that there is a regularly-occuring problem of short supply. I guess that’s why they try so hard to get more people to donate, which makes me feel kind of guilty for not going tonight. Still, every now and then you just have to think about number one.

(For anyone in the UK whose interested in giving blood, check out the blood donation website.)


OK, so I accidentally pressed the ‘power’ button on my keyboard and restarted my laptop, meaning I’ve just lost a paragraph or two of blogging goodness, but never mind. Trouble is, I can’t remember what it was I was saying. Again, I’m going to put it down to Harvester food…

I also have a headache, which isn’t unusual these days. But I don’t really want to turn (any more) into a whiny old man, so I think I’ll try and find something positive to chat rubbish about.

Apparently people think it’s weird that our Christmas tree has only just been taken down. I would have thought that people would love the idea of a two-month long Christmas! At least that’d be two months off work. Still, it’d also be two months of Christmas dinners, present-wrapping relative-putting-up-with, but it would still be worth it.

The latest episode of The Simpsons opened my mind to a great new phrase the other day – “suck shack”. Of course, they were referring to Springfield Elementary School, but for me, that phrase puts far more… *ahem*… adult… ideas in my head. Still, I guess that’s what The Simpsons is known for. It’s innocent for the kids, and not so innocent for the not-so-innocent.

Incidentally, for anyone who can watch The Simpsons in HD, you really should. On first thought, you wouldn’t expect the crudely-draw lines and blocks of colour to lend themselves well to high definition TV, but it has to be seen to be believed. There have only been two episodes broadcast in HD so far, but they’re well worth a watch. I imagine that other animated comedies like Family Guy will also be following their example at some point, as well they should.

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