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Thursday Is A Weird Day

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 24-09-2009

Well, it’s not that weird, but it feels it for me. Friday is the best day of the week if you ask me, and so the day before (Thurday, obviously) is the day that you’re urging to hurry up, so that the good day can come about. (I have weird thoughts sometimes…)

Thursday is also a great day, because Thursday (well, at least one thursday of the month) is the day I get paid. All that lovely money in the bank, soon to be eaten away at by rent, travel, food, and buying lots of things that aren’t strictly necessary. Still, it’s nice while it lasts!

Talking of money, I’m still looking into buying a house. Not for myself to live in, as such (although I might live in it while I’m working on it) but so I can do the whole DIY/decoration thing and sell it on again. I’m told that mortgage lenders don’t like people who do that – basically because it’s cheating the system.

They way I’d do it is as follows: get a mortgage that will last for the “longest” amount of time possible. Usually, that’s as long as your working life, which in my case would probably be around 40 years. With a 40-year mortgage, the monthly payments would be extremely low, which is good news for me. It’s also good news for the mortgage providers, as they’ll be reaping the benefits of extortionate interest rates for the next 40 years.

However, if you get a mortgage like that, and sell your house within 6 months, then the mortgage lenders have been conned out of 39.5 years’ worth of interest. Which, as you can imagine, they’re not going to be happy about.

Most of them try to recoup some of their “loss” by charging a penalty for paying off your mortgage early. Some of them even charge around 5% of the value of the property – so if your house is worth £100,000 and you sell it after 6 months, you could end up paying a £5000 penalty!

So it’s definitely something to look out for while I’m searching for a house, or more accurately, a mortgage provider. I’m definitely getting ants in my pants about the whole thing though. I guess I need a change of pace, or scenery, or something!

I read something in the news today – the UK government is planning on charging anyone with a fixed phone line 50p a month as a tax. This, of course, is on top of the VAT that we pay for line rental and, not forgetting, the monthly payment for broadband itself.

At first I thought it was just another money-grabbing tactic by the politicians. But then again, they claim that the tax could generate up to £175m a year, which would go towards upgrading the backbone of the UK broadband services so that everyone can get next-gen high-speed broadband.

I like the idea in principle, but I’ve got two problems with it:

  1. It’s not down to the government to fund the upgrades for a UK-wide fibre optic network – it’s the job of companies like BT and Virgin, whom we pay our broadband fees to; and,
  2. Even after the networks have been upgraded, you can bet your bottom dollar that they won’t stop charging us the 50p tax. They’ll conveniently find another use for it, by which time the public will have forgotten that it’s being charged at all

I’m all for a faster network. Given that the UK considers itself a worldwide player in just about every market going, we suck at everything. So a nice, fast broadband network would be something to boast about, at least. I just hope they don’t start using the money for something else after this miracle tax has provided us with faster nudity…

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