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The World Has Heard By Now

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment | Posted on 26-06-2009

“Blame it on the boogey!”

Well, there are few things going on in the news at the moment, but I think we’ve all heard about Michael Jackson’s passing by now. Every news outlet around the world has been hot on the heels of the story since it broke at around lunchtime yesterday (American time).

For those with their head in the sand – he died yesterday lunchtime at his home in Beverly Hills, from a heart attack. Paramedics found him not breathing, and took him to hospital to try and resuscitate him, but pronounced him dead after around an hour.

Of course, the news has shocked eveyone around the world and there are millions of devastated fans. I was never a fan of MJ, but you can’t deny that he was one of the most famous people in the world and changed the shape of the pop music industry throught the 70’s and 80’s.

Chatter started to really take off on Twitter, followed closely by the other social networking sites like Facebook. Every news website around the world followed suit, but were slightly more cautious about reporting his death until it had been confirmed. Although I was in bed at the time (but swiftly got out of bed when I was told about his death) there were plenty of rumours about his death before it was officially announced. Apparently it caused a lot of confusion over the intarwebs, but eventually the truth came out and it was confirmed that he had died.

Over the course of today, various pop stars have been paying tribute to Michael Jackson, and I even heard the presenters of local radio shows playing his songs on my way into work this morning. The events of the last 18 hours or so have affected just about everyone in some way – Glastonbury is paying it’s own tribute to Michael Jackson, and even Google saw such an increase in searches related to Michael Jackson that it initially thought it was under a cyber-attack. The internet population in general found many news websites to be slower than usual, and Twitter had one of it’s infamous outages after being unable to take the strain.

The whole thing is pretty damned mental. The news was so great that the death of Farrah Fawcett, of Charlie’s Angels fame, went almost un-noticed. It also sparked hoax rumours that other celbrities have died too. I’ve no doubt that the jokes/scams/SMS messages will soon start circulating, but to be fair I’d rather not be a part of them.

R.I.P Michael Jackson. I hope his kids are going to be OK.

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