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The Name’s Bond…

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment, Monday Mornings | Posted on 10-11-2008

Or should I say ‘flop’?

Yes, I probably should. Yesterday I went to see the new James Bond film, Quantum Of Solace, and even after a slight warning from someone who had already seen it, I was still left feeling disappointed. It’s not a bad film, as such, but it’s not exactly great either. It’s got nothing that makes it stand out, except an overly expensive budget.

Daniel Craig makes a great James Bond, and he’s every bit as good in this film as he was in the last. This film is set about an hour after the events of Casino Royale, and it takes Bond all around the world chasing after the guys who muller his woman. And that’s about it. It’s a cat-and-mouse witch-hunt, with a few fancy cars and lots fo fighting. I liked Casino Royale because it seemed a lot grittier than the previous films, and this film has the same feel to it, but there’s nothing else that really sets it apart. I couldn’t recount the storyline to you, even though I only saw it around 12 hours ago.

I have to say, the Bond girls haven’t been quite up to scratch lately, which must be quite disappointing for Craig. And what a waste of a perfectly good Aston Martin! That was a shocking waste of a car, even for a james bond film. I couldn’t much care for the Beamers that Pierce Brosnan wasted, but how could they do that to an Aston Martin? And what’s worse, they advertise the new Ford Mondeo like there’s no tomorrow.

Which brings me onto the biggest complaint of the film – the product placement. It was the same for the previous film too, but again they’ve decided to whore the latest Sony Ericsson phone, Sony VAIO laptop, and Ford Mondeo. I understand that it brings in some extra money, but lets be honest, the movie studios don’t need it. And neither does Sony, for that matter.

Still, it continues the story quite nicely, and if you like action then this is the film for you. It’s quite well filmed, and Bond is undoubteldy Bond, but it just didn’t strike any cords with me.

For some reason, I’ve got cold hands this morning. I hate having cold hands, and not being able to warm them up. It basically means I can’t type very quickly, which may or may not be a concern, depending on how much work I’ve got on.

Bah! It’s Monday again.

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