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The Fourth Kind

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment | Posted on 09-11-2009

“I… am… [distortion]… GOD!”

Went to see The Fourth Kind at the weekend. And despite what you may or may not have read about how authentic it is, it certainly creeped me out. Anything to do with aliens and UFOs creeps me out a little bit, but still, I love it all. I used to be into UFOs and aliens as a kid, and the fascination is still there.

The question everyone seems to be asking is, is it real? Well, I’ve been reading a bit about it this morning, and found this interesting article. The film claims to have used actual archival footage of therapy sessions conducted by a certain Dr Abigail Tyler. She interviews residents of a town in Alaska called Nome, where an unusually high number of people have disappeared or been killed. She uses hypnotism to get to the truth, often with disturbing results.

The film is great, and creeped me out no end. It splices Hollywood re-enactments with supposed archive footage of the real Abigail Tyler interviewing some of the “victims”. There are a few things that don’t add up, though. Most noticeably, the official records of Nome, Alaska, show no registered psycologist under the name of Abigail Tyler. Also, while the FBI investigated the high number of disappearences and deaths, it attributed them to alcohol-related incidents or snow-mobile accidents. No word was ever mentioned of aliens, or of anything paranormal.

So is the footage real? If so, how has it remained hidden for so long? Ufologists would surely have got their hands on the footage long before the film was made? Only time will expose the truth, I suppose, but I thought it was an entertaining film nonetheless.

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