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The Credit Crunch

Posted by | Posted in Society, Stupidity | Posted on 06-01-2009

I’m almost certain I’ve said this before, but I don’t believe that the credit crunch is as bad as everyone makes out. At least, it wouldn’t be as bad as it is if people didn’t buy into all the hype.

As I’m sure you know by now, I’m not the media’s greatest fan. I despise the media, in fact, which is mostly because of the lies, worry, and panic the media has a tendency to spread. It’s pretty much true that bad news sells more papers (or brings in more listeners/viewers) and so it’s come the point where every news story is turned into a major disaster, or at the very least, an annoyance of some kind for somebody, somewhere.

But what sort of effect does that have on the general public? Not a great one, from what I can see. Second on my list of pet peeves (right next to the media) is the Great British Public. I’ve always loved the phrase “safety in numbers”; safe, you might be, but collectively more intelligent you are not. And there’s no group of living beings that prove the point so well as the Great British Public (which from now on will be referred to as the GBP).

I’ve noticed that people in general, and therefore the GBP, have a tendency to stir themselves up into a frenzy. People can convince themselves to do, say, and think, all sorts of crazy-ass stuff if they think that other people are doing, saying, or thinking the same thing. Like Nazi Germany in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, for example. Sure, we all look back on the holocaust in disgust and disbelief now, but back then it clearly seemed like a good idea to someone, and look what happened. The ironic thing is that we’re all told how bad it was back then, but people are still repeating the same mistakes today (although thankfully the Jews aren’t on the business end of as many guns and gas chambers as they used to be).

Someone will be having a bad day, or their company might not be doing so well, and a casual conversation about it between friends turns that fact into the general consensus about the state of the country as a whole. Then someone mentions the words “credit crunch”, the media catches wind of it, and suddenly Woolworths goes under and half the country is unemployed.

So where’s the sudden state of panic come from? It’s not as though people don’t need food, shelter and heat any more. People still had their jobs, businesses were still trading, and everything was as it should be. But someone mentions those two little words, the media whips everyone up into a panic, and suddenly the house prices crash, banks go tits up, and everyone’s crying into their milk.

Well it’s a load of bollocks if you ask me. I’m a strong believer of mind-over-matter, and so I think that if people start to believe that things are getting bad, then they will. Which, in turn, means that if people start to believe that things are getting better, then they will. The attitudes of the general public have a greater influence on society in general (including the state of the economy) than a lot of people realise. Unfortunately, the only people that do seem to realise this are the very people who have the most influence over them – the media.

As with most entities, all newspapers, radio shows, and TV stations are in it for the money, and so if bad news sells stories, they won’t find a shortage of bad news. The trouble is, people actually believe what they see and hear. If only people gave every situation some thought for themselves, then they might realise that things aren’t as bad as they seem. There are always going to be times when things are worse than before, but things will always pick up again. People will occasionally find themselves out of work, and sometimes businesses will find that demand for their services has a dry spell, but as long as people keep positive (and ignore nay-sayers in the media who concoct stories to make a profit) then we’ll be fine.

We need more of that stubborn British pride, if you ask me. It cracks me up how people can support the English international footy team so vigerously (despite them being so shite) but yet in a situation where a bit of moral support could actually do some good, people have got nothing but negative opinions on the matter.

So cheer up, people! Stop listening to the crap that Sky News pummels you with. Stop thinking that just because a newspaper tells you that you cant afford to buy those potatoes that you like, that you actually cant. And start having a bit more faith in the country as a whole! If everyone thinks like that, then the world would be a happier place.

But enough of all that! I’ve had my rant for the day, so now I can chat about my gym antics. I haven’t been this year, admittedly, but that’s about to change. Despite it being freezing cold, and not really the sort of weather you want to be wandering around in, I’ve decieded to hit the gym tonight after work. Or perhaps it’ll decide to hit me… I don’t know yet. Either way, a workout is to be had in order to get back to the semi-healthy state I was in before I shovelled too many mince pies down my beak.

I think I’ll be concentrating on cardio more than weights over the next few weeks. I’ve felt a lot healthier since starting again, and on the advice of a mate, I’ll be sticking to cardio more than the weights because of the type of diet involved.

Doing weights effectively involves eating lots of carbs and protien to build muscle mass. But as you probably know, carbs are a source of energy, hence they’re something you want to be trying to avoid if you want to lose a bit of excess fat and get healthy. After all, the idea of exercise is to allow your body to use up more energy than it has, therefore making it resort to burning fat reserves to get it’s energy. So in terms of what I eat, I should really be doing one or the other and I’ve decided, for now, to be doing the cardio stuff. Go me.

Due to the fact that someone has set our air-con to Frostbite Mode, the sensation in my fingers is almost completely gone, so I’m going to leave it there. I hope you found some inspirational words to live by in this here article. And if not, you could always try and find an open Woolies store to hide in…

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