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Posted by | Posted in Random, Technology | Posted on 28-11-2008

Lol! U killed urslf! Epic fail!!!!11one

Although there are always technology news stories, I figured I’d write about some today to make a change from complaining about the state of the country’s politicians (grr….)

First up, we’ve got a story about a 49-year old woman who supposedly bullied a 13-year old girl into committing suicide. She harrassed the girl using the social networking site MySpace over a period of about three months, leaving various messages to the girl and helping her on her way to some kind of chronic depression. She posed as a 16-year old boy to carry out the deeds, and when “he” finally told the girl that they should no longer chat, and that the world would be a better place without her, she hanged herself.

Now I don’t predent to understand the goings on of a 13-year old mind, but what in God’s name has a 13-year old girl got to be depressed about? Apparently the woman, who shall be called Lori Drew (for that is her name), knew that the girl suffered from depression, and (presumably) in order to get back at the girl for falling out with her daughter, Drew decided to play the internet fiend. But seriously, what was so bad that the girl suffered from depression at such a young age? I’m not whining about the mental weaknesses of the young or anything, but it makes me wonder how her family didn’t notice the signs before. Or if they did, why they didn’t do something to help her…

As a side note, I hate MySpace with a passion. I only use Facebook because it’s a central place that everyone seems to congregate now, and it’s easier to get in touch with people than keeping track of phone numbers and email addresses. But I’ve never used MySpace (except for business uses) and I never will. The site is cluttered, disorganised, full of ads, and contains nothing but attention-seeking kiddies and crappy bands trying to promote themselves. I can see why people use social networking sites to promote music and such, but when everyone is doing it… who cares?

The next story on the agenda is a couple of days old now, but as I seem to have been directly affected by it I thought I’d mention it. A while ago McColo, a certain web hosting company responsible for hosting many and various botnets and kiddie porn sites, was taken offline, and with it went a large majority of spam servers. I have to say that over the last 6 months or so I’ve seen my spam count increase from nothing to about 6 per day. I’m sure that won’t seem like a lot to some people, but considering I’ve used Gmail for the last 4 years and never had to deal with spam before, you can see why it irritates me. Still, all the spam I ever get is caught in their filters, so it’s not a big deal. But I have to say that once the largest of the botnets were taken offline, I experienced no spam at all, until recently, when I read that the botnets have reformed (at least partially) and I started to receive spam again.

It’s mostly spam for viagra, which I have to say would be a good laugh to try, but never in a million years would I buy medication off of the internet. I don’t shop in Aldi for food because I don’t trust the cheapness of it all (and I wonder what heart attack-inducing chemicals they put in it) so I’m never going to buy random pills from a stranger off the net.

The third news story is that YouTube are now offering widescreen HD videos. I dont really use YouTube for much, but by all accounts people don’t seem to like the new changes. Are they mad? ISP bandwidth usage aside, it’s a great idea. Other video sites have offered the same features for months now, so it’s about time that YouTube caught up. It would be nice to offer users the opportunity to view vids in the normal 4:3 aspect ratio though.

Right, enough of all that. Today is Friday! The end of the week. The end of the working week, I should say. It’s still my favourite day of the week, despite me still having to be at work. Talking of still being at work, for the second year running, I have to work on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve again this year. Which both sucks and blows. What it means is that I can’t plan to do anything interesting on New Year’s Eve. It would have been nice to get out of town and visit some peeps elsewhere in the country, but noooo, I’m stuck here.

Again, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I’m going to attempt to record another mix at the weekend. I got a hankering for some mixing action last night, and spent an hour waking the neighbours with some old school trance. It reminds how good music used to be! I wish I’d recorded it now, as aside from one dodgy transition, it was actually a mint high-energy set.

I’m off to a local restaurant for lunch today, which should be cool. By ‘restaurant’, I mean, ‘Harvester’. Some might say that you can barely call The Harvester a chain of restaurants, but I have to say I’ve been mightily impressed with their food every time I’ve been. It’s just a shame I can only do an hour’s worth of food-shovelling today, as that’s all I get for lunch. The only slight disappointment I’ve had is the one time when they were out of chocolate brownies. I’m a major chocaholic, but I think those days have to be limited in number for a while until I get myself fit again.

Talking of fitness, I’m still half-crippled from the gym session on Tuesday. Although my legs and stomach are back to normal, my pecks are still aching slightly. I’m going to go down the gym again tonight, but I’ll take it easier on the peck deck, and I’ll probably try to squeeze in more cycling and less running this time. My right knee didn’t seem to be impressed with a 20-minute treadmill session last time. But it has to understand that I’m not taking this feebleness anymore, so it better get used to it and harden up!

That’s all for today. At least until I get bored later on and decide to post about something random.

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