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The Fourth Kind

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment | Posted on 09-11-2009

“I… am… [distortion]… GOD!”

Went to see The Fourth Kind at the weekend. And despite what you may or may not have read about how authentic it is, it certainly creeped me out. Anything to do with aliens and UFOs creeps me out a little bit, but still, I love it all. I used to be into UFOs and aliens as a kid, and the fascination is still there.

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New Set For Download

Posted by | Posted in Tunes | Posted on 06-10-2008

Take me to your leader!

Morning all!

And what a way to start the morning! I spent about six hours yesterday recording a new mix, which I’ve now uploaded and put on the site for you to download. Yay, me!

Strangely, I found out that the WordPress template I’m using doesn’t allow for comments to be posted on pages (only blog posts like this one) and so people can’t actually leave feedback about my sets. I suppose people can leave comments here, but it’d be nice to have the comments on the page that the set can be downloaded from. I’ll have to look into that.

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