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Another Tech Roundup

Posted by | Posted in Geek Stuff, Random, Technology | Posted on 05-11-2009

Morning all! I’m bored off my tits today, and seem to have no motivation to do anything much, so I decided to see what’s going on in the tech world right now, before I trundle off to this meeting a bit later on. And quite a lot is going on it seems…

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New Mix Online!

Posted by | Posted in Comedy, Entertainment, Tunes | Posted on 28-08-2009

Blimey, I hadn’t realised it’d been four months since I recorded my last mix! Just as well my sister has been nagging me for one then, I suppose.

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Might Get A Word In…

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment, Geek Stuff, Technology | Posted on 23-03-2009

Morning all! With any luck I might actually get to write a complete blog entry today!

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Monday Mornings (again)

Posted by | Posted in Monday Mornings | Posted on 23-02-2009

Morning one and all!

It’s everyone’s favourite morning of the week – Monday morning! For reasons that slip my mind now, last Monday morning wasn’t your typical Monday morning, and so the typical Monday Morning Blues didn’t set in. Today is like every other Monday though, and as such, it feels like one.

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Lightening Doesn’t Strike Twice

Posted by | Posted in Personal Shizzle | Posted on 26-01-2009

Or so they say. However I got a message today telling me that the mortgage advisor is off sick today and so our appointment is cancelled. Hmm, I’m beginning to think this is some kind of sign…

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Tramapoline!! Trapapolie!!

Posted by | Posted in Random, Stupidity, Technology | Posted on 23-01-2009

Yes! It’s Friday again – the best day of the week. It might be pouring with rain outside, the economy might have gone belly up, and I might not have dropped the kids off at the pool yet this morning, but it’s still a great day!

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Ooo, outrage!

Posted by | Posted in Random, Society | Posted on 21-01-2009


About half an hour before I was supposed to meet with my mortgage advisor yesterday, he rang me up and cancelled the appointment. Grrr!

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A Typical Day

Posted by | Posted in Personal Shizzle, Random, Society | Posted on 20-01-2009

I don’t think I like having a typical day, to be honest. I don’t think I’m a routine person at all. I can hack getting up at 7am and doing the typical 9-to-5 job just like everyone else, but I’d rather have something a little more unpredictable. Sure, when I’m all settled down in a few years, then yeah, I’ll want something a little more stable and predictable. But for now, I don’t like this “routine” lark.

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Posted by | Posted in Random, Society | Posted on 31-10-2008

“No, no, he’s too young for that. Maybe in a couple of years…”

Over 9000? By quite a long way, it seems. According to The Chairman, over 30,000 complaints have been received about Brand and Ross’ antics the other day. I bet if you asked them, 29,000 of those people wouldn’t even know what station Brand’s radio show was on, let alone what day and time it aired. But that’s enough talk about that shambles.

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