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Change Is In The Air

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment, Pirates, Site News | Posted on 15-06-2009

Out of boredom more than anything else, I decided to have a play about with some website designs yesterday. I’m a little bit bored of how this site looks, and I decided I wanted something that looked a little more professional. Whether or not anything will come of it, I don’t know.

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Spam Issues (and Giant Rats)

Posted by | Posted in Site News | Posted on 19-02-2009

I’ve noticed an increase in spam messages being left, which is good in one respect, but bad in another.

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I’m Back!

Posted by | Posted in Monday Mornings, Society | Posted on 15-12-2008

But only for three days! After having a four-day weekend last weekend, I’m back at work, and ready to go! And by ‘go’ I mean ‘go home again’. I thought I might have found the time to post on the blog during the last four days or so, but I’ve found that unless I’m at work (and hence, have nothing to do) I don’t tend to post very often.

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And Andy Warhol Thinks He’s Good

Posted by | Posted in Finance, Site News, Society | Posted on 16-10-2008

After posting a random thread on the bestest intertube forum on the (dot)net, I got a whole load of awesome banners to put up on the site. As you probably already noticed, I decided to put them all online and create a banner rotator that will load a banner at random whenever the page is loaded. So a big thanks to Steve, FC, Sammo, and Mikeynma for their efforts!

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Werd To The Old School

Posted by | Posted in Finance, Random, Tunes | Posted on 15-10-2008

“Run for the hills!… No, wait, The Hills Have Eyes.”

Yesterday evening I was paid a visit by a family member who’d been stashing away quite a few things of mine for a number of years. They had decided that, seeing as they no longer actually lived at the house in which the items were stored, it was probably time I took them back. And how glad I am that I did.

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Advertising – You Don’t Mind, Do You?

Posted by | Posted in Site News | Posted on 24-09-2008

Do as I say, not as I do…

OK, as much of a hypocrite as I feel right now, I’ve decided to try out some advertising on the site. I know I went off on one the other day about how much I hate advertising, but hosting the tune downloads here and paying for the bandwidth will eat up some cash each month, so if I can help the site to pay for itself, then it’s only sensible to do so.

And I didn’t have to say anything, either. I could have just slipped it in without saying a word, and pretended that it’s always been there. But no! Being the Captain Honest that I am, I decided to let everyone know that I am going to place some ads on the site. So dont worry if you see the site layout change somewhat over the next day or so – it’s just me playing around with ad positions etc.

I might have something useful to say today, I haven’t decided yet. But if I do, you should see it posted before the working day is over. Ciao for now, daddy-o’s!

We Have Lift-Off!

Posted by | Posted in Site News | Posted on 14-09-2008

OK, well it took a couple of days, but the site finally has a decent look to it!

Thanks to the good folk at SkinPress (who can create, but not quite perfect, a great little theme) I’ve got myself a lovely new template for the site, and have spent the afternoon altering it somewhat. At least it’s widget-enabled though, which is something I’ve had to spend undue amounts of time on in the past. So that’s good!

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Site Update

Posted by | Posted in Site News | Posted on 13-09-2008

Hi all,

Well I’m currently in the process of updating the site, and getting all of these lovely WordPress plugins installed and working. I might also get round to installing a new theme so that the site looks better! You never know your luck.

I should also try and find some older sets of mine too. I think I recorded one or two a few years ago, but I cant for the life of me remember where they are. But if I can find them, I’ll upload them here.

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Posted by | Posted in Site News | Posted on 12-09-2008

Howdy everyone! (Heh, I say “everyone”… like there’s actually anyone reading this!)

Welcome to my new website. A website that I decided to create to give me a place to let loose my musical creative genious! Not that I create any musical creative geniousness, obviously, but I do play it in a round-about kind of way, so I thought that as quite a lot of people have, in the recent past, asked me to record a few more DJ sets for them, I could probably do with a place to make them all available.

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