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Thursday Is A Weird Day

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 24-09-2009

Well, it’s not that weird, but it feels it for me. Friday is the best day of the week if you ask me, and so the day before (Thurday, obviously) is the day that you’re urging to hurry up, so that the good day can come about. (I have weird thoughts sometimes…)

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Financial Markets – What The Real Crack Is

Posted by | Posted in Finance | Posted on 07-10-2008

If I have two apples, and I give you six apples, how many apples do I have left?

Well I took a look at the house I might be moving into last night, and it seems quite nice. I very much doubt I’ll find a better house round here. And because a family member of mine lived in it previously, there’s a whole load of stuff I can rob from them and use as my own, which saves me the hassle of buying a load of new furniture and guff like that. What with this so-called credit crunch, that’s probably a good thing.

I’ve had some good feedback about Sunday’s mix that I posted, and I’m glad some people are enjoying it:

This mix is fucking mint!

I read this interesting article yesterday that explained a lot about how the so-called Credit Crunch we’re in came about. There’s also a bit of history in there too, for good measure. Although the article goes into some detail about what’s been going on in the financial markets over the last couple of years, there’s a lot of slight exaggerations. Not with the story, but with descriptions like this:

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The End-Of-Day Crash

Posted by | Posted in The 9-To-5 Droll | Posted on 02-10-2008

Get your head out the clouds.

I hate it. I find that even if I’ve sat around doing bugger all for most of the day, when the little hand strikes four I’m shattered and ready for bed. It makes me wonder if this nine-to-five malarky is really worth it…

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Yarrr, Me Harties!

Posted by | Posted in Pirates | Posted on 26-09-2008

I know, I know, I’m a week late. International Talk Like A Pirate Day was last Friday. But do you know what reminded me? This story from the BBC News website. I was amazed recently, as I didn’t actually realise that real-life pirates existed. I suppose it’s a bit silly when you think about it, but the only time I ever hear of pirates is while drooling over Keira Knightley in Pirates Of The Carribean. (You know, after the many offers that Jack Sparrow extended to Elizabeth Swan during those films, you would have thought that at least once she would have taken him up on the offer to wear nothing from his wardrobe…)
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