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Slooooowwwww Week

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment, Personal Shizzle | Posted on 08-07-2009

Or so it seems. Then again, it’s because I’ll be GOING TO AMERICA THIS WEEKEND, WOO!!

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Calm Before The Storm

Posted by | Posted in Personal Shizzle, Society, Technology | Posted on 07-07-2009

Well, today is Jacko’s memorial service, and even though 17,500 tickets were randomly given out to fans who requested tickets in their millions, I wouldn’t be surprised if many thousands more flood the streets of LA today in the hopes of paying a tribute to their idol.

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The World Has Heard By Now

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment | Posted on 26-06-2009

“Blame it on the boogey!”

Well, there are few things going on in the news at the moment, but I think we’ve all heard about Michael Jackson’s passing by now. Every news outlet around the world has been hot on the heels of the story since it broke at around lunchtime yesterday (American time).

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