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** sighs **

Posted by | Posted in Gym, Technology | Posted on 08-12-2008

Devastating news – I’ve lost my gym trainers. I went hunting for them this morning, expecting to find them in the fridge or something, but I did’nea find them. I’m thinking that I left them at the gym on Thursday, so I’m going to pop down tonight and have a hunt round for them. Anyone in their right mind would just stay well away from them if I did actually leave them there, so hopefully they wont have gone walkies. I think I need some new ones anyway, and as I’ve got a four-day weekend starting on Thursday, I think a trip out shopping is in order. While I’m there, I should probably get a few last Christmas prezzies too.

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What Was I saying?

Posted by | Posted in Pirates, Society | Posted on 10-10-2008

Bring out the flags (to burn them!)

After the litle rant yesterday about how certain groups take advantage of the good nature of general British society and law, I read this article on the BBC News website about certain Muslim prisoners in the UK. I also had a quick conversation with someone yesterday, who was telling me about how there have been instances of Muslim prisoners being given new clothes and new bed-spreads because sniffer dogs had touched their belongings during routine cell searches.

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