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Ahh, Monday Morning

Posted by | Posted in Monday Mornings | Posted on 15-09-2008

Carlsberg dont do mornings. But if they did, they’d probably be the best mornings in the world.

Have you ever noticed how you can never quite bring yourself to get up as soon as your alarm clock goes off in the morning? I realised this weekend that it must be a mental thing. Over the course of the weekend just gone, I had nothing to get up for especially, yet I found myself waking up early anyway. As much as I like to lay in on a weekend, I just couldn’t. I knew that if I tried to go back to sleep I’d fail miserably, and when I finally dragged my arse out of bed, I’d feel quite pants. So I got up at about 8am on both Saturday and Sunday. (I usually get up at around 7:15am for work, so 8am wasn’t much of a lie-in really).

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