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Two Day Week

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 09-03-2009

Miraculously, despite the 20 days off work I booked last week, I’ve still got about 8 days of holiday left this year. Five are from this year’s quota, and three are left over from last year. I decided to take a few days this week, so I’ll only be at work for two days this week!

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The End-Of-Day Crash

Posted by | Posted in The 9-To-5 Droll | Posted on 02-10-2008

Get your head out the clouds.

I hate it. I find that even if I’ve sat around doing bugger all for most of the day, when the little hand strikes four I’m shattered and ready for bed. It makes me wonder if this nine-to-five malarky is really worth it…

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Advertising – You Don’t Mind, Do You?

Posted by | Posted in Site News | Posted on 24-09-2008

Do as I say, not as I do…

OK, as much of a hypocrite as I feel right now, I’ve decided to try out some advertising on the site. I know I went off on one the other day about how much I hate advertising, but hosting the tune downloads here and paying for the bandwidth will eat up some cash each month, so if I can help the site to pay for itself, then it’s only sensible to do so.

And I didn’t have to say anything, either. I could have just slipped it in without saying a word, and pretended that it’s always been there. But no! Being the Captain Honest that I am, I decided to let everyone know that I am going to place some ads on the site. So dont worry if you see the site layout change somewhat over the next day or so – it’s just me playing around with ad positions etc.

I might have something useful to say today, I haven’t decided yet. But if I do, you should see it posted before the working day is over. Ciao for now, daddy-o’s!