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Star Trek Online Headstart Begins Tonight!

Posted by | Posted in Geek Stuff | Posted on 29-01-2010

That’s right – I’ve taken Monday and Tuesday off work so that I can sit in a chair and play Star Trek Online all day, every day, for the next four days, starting right after work tonight!

I know I’ve gone on about STO before, but it looks like it has some great potential, and as I’ve already bought the lifetime subscription, I might as well get my money’s worth! So there’s little chance I’ll be doing much else this weekend, aside from fixing up gramps’ laptop, and possibly heading out for a beer and/or curry with a couple of mates. Not to worry though!

Oh, and there’s lots of buzz surrounding the launch of Apple’s new iMeh. I won’t go into why I don’t like it right now, I’ll save that for another day, but suffice it to say, it’s shit. And useless. And expensive. And will be bought by everyone.

Until Tuesday, then… out!

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