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Spam Issues (and Giant Rats)

Posted by | Posted in Site News | Posted on 19-02-2009

I’ve noticed an increase in spam messages being left, which is good in one respect, but bad in another.

It means that my site can be found using the almighty Google, and that people are actively seeking it out (even if it is for spamming purposes) but at the same time, it means I’ve got spam!

So, I’ve changed the site settings so that users have to be registered in order to post comments. Thanks to everyone who’s left a comment so far, but I hope you don’t mind having to log in before posting a comment. Although it may not stop 100% of spam, it should make it more managable.

I’m also going to look into putting a CAPTCHA on the site at some point. For those who don’t know what a CAPTCHA is, it’s one of those images that contains a word that you need to type out to prove you’re not a computer. I’ve had a bit of experience using them before, and they can be quite effective. I’m sure there’s a decent WordPress plugin for that can be used for this purpose, so it’s just a case if hunting it down and seeing how it works.

UPDATE: This just is, China is home to nuclear-powered rats. Totally awesome. (Thanks to The Man Lampkins.)

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