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So Yes, New Mix…

Posted by | Posted in Tunes | Posted on 14-09-2009

Mondays… urgh.

Anyway, as promised, I’m going to explain last night’s rather rushed blog post about a new mix that I’ve uploaded for all you lovely people.

Basically, a few years ago, a friend of mine recorded a garage mixtape that included some of the tunes he’d been playing at the time. Now, I didn’t know much about garage (and I still dont really) but I did quite like to hear some every now and then, so he kindly promised to record me a mix.

As I say, that mix was actually recorded onto a cassette tape which, as you can imagine, I haven’t actually been able to play for a few years now. But out of the blue I dug out an old 80’s style stereo that just happened to have a tape deck on it, and so I was able to play the tape once again.

I decided that I should probably re-record the mix onto a PC so that it could be stored in MP3 format, which I managed to do last night. So I figured that as I’d recorded it, I might as well upload it. So here it is!

It has to be said, some of the mixing isn’t great, but to be honest he only did it for a laugh, and it wasn’t really supposed to be uploaded for the masses. Still, there are some great tunes on there (including one or two rare promos) and so I felt that it would be cool for people to experience the UK garage scene before it goes belly up completely.

So, enjoy!

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