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So Come On, Let Me Entertain You

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment | Posted on 17-05-2010

“I’m not leaving the island…”

Well, I read this weekend that NBC (or ABC, or whoever) has cancelled a couple of TV shows that I was quite fond of – Scrubs and FlashForward. Fond of them though I might have been, it comes as no surprise to me that they’ve been cancelled.

I admit that I didn’t become a fan of Scrubs until half way through it’s run. If I remember, it actually started way back in 2001. Although after being introduced to it a few years ago, I quickly became a fan. After eight years, the producers gave the show a revamp, but to be honest it didn’t quite have the same shine as the earlier seasons, and so news that it’s been cancelled comes as no surprise. Still, it means I can finally get the whole series in a DVD boxset without those pesky producers making another series.

FlashForward was a bit different, in that I assumed it was only meant to run for one series. The show started in October, and culminated (I assume) sixmonths later with the events that people foresaw in their flash forward actually taking place. As Agent Benford fights to find out who shoots Demitri, and who caused the blackout, I guessed the series would end with everyone’s flash forwards coming true, or with the revelation that “the future is not set”. So for me, I never imagined that FlashForward would last any longer than one season.

Coupled with the cancellation of those two programmes, both Lost and 24 are coming to the end of their lives this year as well. There are only two or three episodes of each series left, after which no new seasons are going to be made (although they are making a film version of 24, apparently). Although it’s sad news to see them go, 24 has been running for eight years, and has probably run it’s course. Considering each season has been (pretty much) just as good as every other, that’s quite a feat. And as for Lost, well, once JJ Abrams actually figured out where the show was going, it’s turned out to be quite the puzzler. With only two episodes left, they’ve still got a lot of answers to give us.

So all in all, the ending of these four shows (along with the many others that have been cancelled in the last year or so) the TV schedule has got a lot of gaps in it. However, NBC have decided to commision another JJ Abrams series – Undercovers. Apparently, it’s an action spy drama involving a married couple who, whilst working as spies for the American government, fell in love, got married, and retired. Naturally, something happens and they’re called back into service, only to find that the thrill of the game re-ignites the spark in their marriage.

Sounds like a complete load of bollocks to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of JJ’s, and have loved his recent work (Lost, Fringe, Star Trek, Cloverfield, etc) but this sounds like a lower-budget, TV version of Mr and Mrs Smith. Of course, I’ll watch it when it first aires to see if it’s any cop, but I’m not holding my breath with this one. And going on the thoughts of various website commentators, neither are a lot of other people. Given NBC’s trigger-happy policy when it comes to cancelling TV shows, it won’t have long to impress them either.

Saw Iron Man 2 last weekend. Overall it wasn’t a bad film, and you could tell that the actors were having a bit of a laugh making it, but it just wasn’t quite as good as the first film. In my opinion, there needed to be more Iron Man-related action, and fewer “oh-look-at-me-struggling-to-deal-with-my-inner-demons” sentimental scenes. I get what they were trying to do with that, and I can’t really fault it, but there just didn’t seem to be much in the way of hardcore Iron Man ass-kicking. The enemies at the end were dispatched way too easily, with the ultimate boss-man being taken down using something seen earlier on in the film – making it a rather uninspired ending. It’s still worth watching, though. It’s just a shame they didn’t make it in 3D.

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