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Slooooowwwww Week

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment, Personal Shizzle | Posted on 08-07-2009

Or so it seems. Then again, it’s because I’ll be GOING TO AMERICA THIS WEEKEND, WOO!!

Actually, the week hasn’t dragged on like I thought it would. I was, however, determined to get some sleep in this week before doing the flight over there, however that doesn’t seem to have happened just yet, so I’m hoping for an early night tonight. And there’s no gym for me tonight either, so I might actually get to have some of an evening.

Having said that, I need to do a couple of bits and pieces for the trip. I need to aquire directions to the airport, and I also need to print off the plane tickets etc. I don’t really want to be forgetting those…

So, it was Michael Jackson’s memorial service yesterday, and I have to admit to not watching a second of it. Actually that’s a lie, I did see about 50 seconds of some woman harping on about how much of a hero he was. I have to say, I didn’t notice a considerable slow-down in the way the internet was functioning, so either there weren’t the estimated 1 billion viewers watching, or the internet is better able to cope with the strain than people thought.

There’s a flickering light in our office which started up at lunchtime. Real annoying.

I found an awesome website today. Apparently it’s quite old, and hence, well known throughout the intarwebs, but I’ve only just heard of it. It’s called Garfield Minus Garfield, and it’s basically a collection of Garfield comic strips that the website owner has edited to remove Garfield, leaving just his owner, Jon. Reading the comic without Garfield present is like watching a guy slowly lose his sanity. It’s great stuff! I highly recommend to anyone with a slightly weird (or as I like to think, ‘developed’) sense of humour.

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