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Seems like ages…

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 15-05-2009

Af’noon all!

I can’t even remember the last time I actually had time to write a blog post, but then again I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got a lot going on at work (and you only ever waste time writing blog posts at work!)

Speaking of work – as much as I like doing what I do, I don’t like the 9-to-5 routine of it all. I’ve known that since before I started work, but just lately the feeling has gotten more intense. I really think I need to find a way to make my millions and leave the 9-to-5 world behind. It’s not that work is a bad thing, but there are far more important/fun things out there to be doing, and I’m determined not to have to spend most of my life working! Life’s too short, and too fun, to be fannying about in an office.

I think I might start work on a project I’ve mentioned before this weekend (at least, I assume I’ve mentioned it before). I think it will be very useful for people, especially the web-happy people (the likes of which use Facebook and MySpace etc) but it should also provide an ample opportunity to make some money should it find it’s way into the right hands.

The American road trip fiasco – nothing new has happened on that front. Flights are still booked, and I’m still trying desperately to save cash before we go, but so far we’ve not even hired a car, let alone worked out a rough route. I’ve also not even started driving lessons yet, and so things really need to get moving. We’ve only got two months to go!

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned the awesomeness that is Star Trek, and being the avid fan that I am, I went and saw an advanced preview last Thursday. And I’m quite glad I did. Even though they’ve been marketing the film like nobody’s business, the town I live in isn’t really the sort of town to harbour complete Sci-Fi nuts, and so even though the film screened on the biggest screen in the complex, only about 20 people showed up, which I’m not complaining about at all. Cinema experiences aside, the film itself was great. There were one or two things I wasn’t sure about (but soon forgot) such as Simon Pegg as Scotty, but overall it was a complete overhaul of the franchise, and I look forward to what they’re going to do with it next.

I was slightly disappointed with Scotty as a character. They gave him far too much of a comedic role for my tastes, which ruined it slightly. Scotty was always a bit funny, but not intentionally. By making him a little more comedic, they took away what made him funny to begin with. However, having said that, the film does start at a time when the crew members are young and full of beans, and they’re likely to have more extreme personalities than they do in The Original Series, so I guess I can let them off. The same goes for all of the characters, in fact. If you think that they may have been slightly “over the top” in the film, then it’s understandable really, as they’re all much younger and prone to emotional outbursts that they are in the series, where they’re all very much older and more mature.

All in all it was a great film. Eric Bana played a good Romulan, although the baddie of the film wasn’t really the centre of attention for me. As a fan, it was interesting for me to see how the characters first met, how they interacted, and how they’ll eventually change into the characters I know and love from the original series. The film is highly recommended, and contrary to popular trends, it’s score has gradually increased on IMDB since it’s release. (Usually, a film starts off with a high rating, but as time goes on the score reduces slightly as more votes are cast).

Right, after all that greatness (which I’ll be seeing again soon, no doubt) I think it’s time for a whine. Politicians, eh? They’re all the same, nomatter what party they stand for or who they say they are, they’re all in it for the money. As you probably know, there’s been a right hoo-har lately over the fact that MPs in Britain have been claiming expenses for the most ludicrous things, and we, the taxpayer, have to foot the bill. One pillock decided that he needed to pay a handy-man £100 to go round and change 25 lightbulbs in his house. Another thought it prudent to claim £300 back for some cow shit he bought. It makes the blood boil!

There’s only one acceptable expense for an MP as far as I’m concerned, and that’s the hiring of staff. As a family member said to me recently, it’s OK for them to hire staff and pay them accordingly (for which they’ll need an allowance) but just about everything else should be paid for by the politicians themselves. OK, so for a lot of people (myself included) the workplace is a place that you can readily find stationary, paper, PC supplies and other such “office items”. If the politicians don’t have one central place of work (which they don’t) then I can understand them claiming back expenses for the normal day-to-day items that everyone else gets for free. But I don’t think that creating a mote around you house, or asking for £20,000 to install and maintain an armed-guard security patrol is quite what the expenses system was designed for. It’s a complete piss-take on their part, and they all need to be strung up.

First and foremost, it’s their job to do what’s in the best interests of the country – which I think they’re all failing at miserably as it is. But secondly, they need to put things into perspective. Average Working Joe doesn’t get a second house paid for if they live more than 10 miles from their workplace, so why should MPs? Nobody forced them to take the job, so the responsibility for any expenses incurred by them doing so falls entirely on their shoulders, not ours. Average Joe Worker doesn’t get paid £250 just for showing up in the morning, so why do MPs? I find it immensly hard to get out of bed at 7am at the best of times, let alone lately, but I’m pretty sure if someone offered me £250 for doing so, I wouldn’t have the slightest bit of trouble. It’s a complete farce.

Now I know the English people like to whine and moan about everything all the time, and are completely guilty of talking the talk but not walking the walk, but I have to join the concensus on this one. I don’t agree with what’s going on one bit. In my opinion, there should be a two-way governing system going on: the MPs make the decisions that affect the lives of everyone in the country, while everyone in the country gets to make decisions that affect the lives of the MPs. It’s only fair, and assuming we can actually find a group of fair, unbiased public members (yeah right) it might actually work. We should get the public to decide what expenses the MPs have a right to claim, based soley on how well they perform at their job. After all, isn’t that what happens to the rest of us?…

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