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Russell Brand and Friends

Posted by | Posted in Society, Stupidity | Posted on 30-10-2008

“Hello, Ofcom? I’d like to complain about a radio programme I haven’t heard, on which comments were made about a person I don’t know…. What?…. Turn off my radio if I dont like it? That’s preposterous!”

I didn’t mention this before, because quite frankly I couldn’t give a flying monkey’s brass ones, but as I’m sure everyone has heard by now, Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross have been the centre of attention these last few days.

For those with their head in the sand, or those with about as much love for celebrity gossip as I have, the general story is that Jonathon Ross, a guest on Brand’s BBC radio show, make a number of prank phonecalls with Brand to Andrew Sachs (who played Manuel in the UK sitcom Fawlty Towers) late on night. Apparently he left a few obscene comments about Sachs’ grand-daughter on his answering machine.

Now if someone had asked me before all this happened, “should someone leave prank messages on an 87-year old’s answering machine?”, the answer would probably have been no. So Brand and Ross lose a point in my book. But, as far as I’m concerned that should have been the end of it. An apology (which Brand issued today, I believe) wouldn’t have gone amiss, but at the end of the day, I don’t believe their antics warrant the attention that they’ve been getting. The last I heard, 18,000 people had complained to Ofcom about the radio show, despite the BBC only receiving two complaints from people who were actually listening to the show.

What’s wrong with everyone? What with the USA a week away from electing their first black president, and the global economy in a right two and eight, you’d think the media would have something more important to be reporting than the antics of two people who, quite honestly, you’d expect that kind of behaviour from. What makes it better is the fact that Gordon Brown has jumped on the bandwagon and made some comments about the situation as well. Hasn’t he got a country to run, or something? I’d laugh if he even knows who Russell Brand is.

Still, it’s all to be expected really. The dumbasses of the country like nothing more than to complain about things they know nothing about, and politicians like nothing more than to be seen “caring” about the common working-man’s woes.

I think Brown wants to get back to doing what he does best (whatever that might be) and let Brand and Ross get back to entertaining people. I’ve never been a fan of Ross; he seems to me like he simply plays up to the cameras in different ways depending on whoever he happens to be with at the time. But I am quite partial to Brand’s own style of comedy. Obscene answering machine messages dont fall under that category, but if you’re interested, Brand’s new show, Ponderland, is back on Channel 4 tonight. Apparently this first episode isn’t particularly brilliant, but overall I thought the series was quite funny last time. Especially the comments about the public service announcement regarding gates for grain sorting machines.

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