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Morning all,

It’s been a day or two since I posted because I’ve had issues with WordPress, although it wasn’t WordPress that caused the issue, it was a Firefox extension. Thankfully I’ve got it sorted and the site is back to normal.

I saw this today, and thought how cool it would be to have my old NES up and running still. I can’t remember what we did with ours, but we spent many an hour playing Mario on it. Although this mod looks cool (and I’d want one) I’m not sure where you’d put the game catridges. (UPDATE: Oh OK, you load it into the top slot).

Well you’ve all heard by now about the VAT cut to 15%, and the extra £20bln that the government seems to be finding from somewhere, but I have to say that I haven’t been keeping up with the news to know exactly how that’s going to help us all. I’ve heard rumours that it won’t help the majority of people at all; I’ve also heard that it will only help those people on income support benefits. And when I say ‘help’, I mean ‘will allow them to spend more money on fags and booze’. Having said that, the duty on fags and booze is set to go up also, so I guess that brings us back to the first point about how the changes won’t help anyone…

I went down the gym last night, horay! Considering I was only down there for 45 minutes, I don’t half feel it this morning. I must be seriously out of practice to have achey arms and legs after 20 minutes running, and a few weights machines. Still, by tomorrow I should be able to go again, where I’ll repeat the performance, and end up complaining about it on here again.

I’ve also been sticking to the “no crap” diet guides. I’m eating breakfast in the mornings, which is something I haven’t really done for a couple of years, and I’m also eating smaller meals in the evening with larger meals and snacks during the day. And by ‘snacks’ I mean fruit, nuts and Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Bars. I quite like the chocolate ‘Elevenses’ one, but they put far too many oats on them for my liking. Still, oats are good for me so I won’t complain.

Something else I cant complain about any more is my achey jaw. I’m not sure what the crack was with that, but the pain seems to have disappeared. Perhaps I was trying to eat bone in my sleep, and knackered my jaw or something. Whatever the weather, I’m almost back to my Cheddar-munching self.

Speaking of weather, I wanted some snow. Everyone else in the country seems to be snowed under (pardon the pun) but we’ve had none of it. Being near the east coast we get the crappy remainder weather that Wales didn’t want. So as we’ve had to put up with floods of rain, I can’t wear my awesome suede jacket, which has, in the four years that I’ve had it for, sat gathering dust in the wardrobe. Another thing about the weather that I don’t like is the fact that it’s still dark when I get up in the morning. It’s bad enough trying to emerge from my pit on time anyway, but when it’s cold, dark and raining I just don’t want to know.

For those into comedy, I’d recommend Michael McIntyres DVD. If you watched Big Brother this year you may have noticed that they change guest presenters on Big Mouth every week, and McIntyre was one such guest. His latest DVD is quite funny; a lot funnier than (dare I say it) Jimmy Carr’s DVD, which was just an hour and a half of one-liners. I’m a fan of Carr usually, especially when he’s doing is 8 Out Of 10 Cats thing, but as far as rehersed comedy goes, he’s not so good. Spontaneous wit, yes, but rehersed comedy, no. McIntyre, on the other hand, tells little stories that either interlink with other stories, or that lead on from each other rather well. It’s the same for a lot of comedians really, but McIntyre manages to be funny without trying to cause offense or resorting to insulting the audience. He does get the audience (well, one member of the audience) involved slightly, but I’ll leave you to watch it for yourself.

UPDATE: I read a joke just a minute ago that I thought was quite funny, so I’ll post it here:

The teacher was telling her 4th grade class about today’s lesson.

“I’ll say a letter of the alphabet and you give me a word that starts with that letter. Let’s begin. A”

All the children raise their hands, but little Johnny was almost coming out of his seat trying to get picked. The teacher knew Johnny had a filthy mouth and thought to herself that if she picked Johnny, he would give her a word like ‘ass’ or ‘asshole’. She picked Wendy, and Wendy said “apple”.

“Very good”, said the teacher, “now B”.

Johnny was jumping out of his seat again, but the teacher picked Bobby. Bobby said “ball”.

This went on and on with Johnny trying to get picked for each letter and the teacher knowing there was a dirty word for it. Then she got to “R”. Nobody but Johnny had their hands up.

The teacher thought and thought and couldn’t think of a bad word that started with “R”. So she picked Johnny.

Johnny stands up and says: “R…Rat…a big, fat, f*ckin’ Rat!”

Update (again): OK I must be bored as this is the second time today that I’ve come back to this post to add stuff.

This time, I wanted to mention that there is a new version of Google Chrome available to download. I originally downloaded the first public beta when it became available but (as far as I kow) never bothered to update it. I must have used it as my default browser for about a month before switching back to Firefox, because of a lack of an ad-blocker extension. I don’t know where I’d be without Firefox’s Ad Block Plus extension!

The biggest difference between the latest version ( and the previous version is the addition of a bookmarks manager. You might wonder how a browser that’s gone through two minor versions (as well as many sub-versions) has made do wothout a bookmark manager thus far. I know I did, but on reflection it’s obvious. Nearly all users of Google Chrome will store their bookmarks online (typcally using Google’s own bookmarking service, or their iGoogle page) and so there’s no need to store bookmarks on individual browsers.

This is OK for the current user-base of Chrome, but if Google ever wanted to expand the user-base into a more mainstream market, then bookmark management is a must. It seems, with this latest addition, that that is what Google wants to do. A recent survey suggested that Chrome already had a marginally bigger market share than Opera, which has been around for years.

Oh, and I want one of these.

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