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Ooooo, Ahhhhh…

Posted by | Posted in Random, The 9-To-5 Droll | Posted on 05-03-2010

“…just a little bit…”

I’ve spent the last three working days drawing diagrams for webpages. Which actually makes a change, seeing as the beginning of the week was pretty stressful. So drawing pretty pictures for the rest of the week was actually not bad.

I didn’t realise just how many web apps we had, though. It took a solid day just to create a diagram to represent the file structure of our sites. And now that we have that, we need the documentation for each page on each website. What a mission…

At least the day ends at 5pm and I can go home. Home… to a freezing cold house, as our heating has been on the blink/being fixed since Tuesday, and it’s almost as cold indoors as it has been outdoors. Joy! At least it’ll be sorted by tonight.

I also didn’t realise how long it’s been since I last posted, not that I’ve got anything to say. I’ve not recorded any mixes lately, and with the house being rearranged slightly due to our new heating system being put in, I haven’t been able to do any mixing at all lately. (That, and the fact I’ve spent a lot of time playing a certain **ahem** computer game recently…)

Since my motherboard blew up a few weeks ago (which I’m starting to suspect didn’t actually happen) I’ve not even hooked my CDJ’s up to the PC, but the good folk at UKTA Radio have decided to move the weekly show to Fridays rather than Mondays, so there’s the faint possibility that I’ll be able to move the furniture back, hook up my DJing gear, and do a set on the radio tonight. I feel as though it’s time to do a hard trance set actually, and despite my total lack of practice, I’ve been hearing a few new trance tunes recently that I think would make a decent mix. We’ll see how it goes I guess.

Things that have happened/will happen/might happen to me and/or family at the moment:

  1. Uncle got engaged
  2. Sister’s baby imminent
  3. Driving lessons for me (still on the cards)
  4. I might go to the gym for the first time in a month
  5. Websites need finishing/starting
  6. Getting drunk (for the first time in months)
  7. More paintball (not for a couple of months though)

That’s about it. Congrats to my uncle on his engagement, and congrats to my sis when she has her baby. She might have had it already actually… I’ve not heard from her in a while.

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