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Ooo, outrage!

Posted by | Posted in Random, Society | Posted on 21-01-2009


About half an hour before I was supposed to meet with my mortgage advisor yesterday, he rang me up and cancelled the appointment. Grrr!

At least he had the decency to let me know though. Apparently, someone arranged for me to meet him a few weeks ago, but I didn’t show up. Partly because I didn’t actually think it was me he wanted to see, and partly because the appointment was only “pencilled in”, which to me sounds like an “if-nothing-better-happens-I’ll-come-down-but-don’t-count-on-it” arrangement. Perhaps his cancelling my appointment yesterday was evidence of him getting his own back. Either way, I’ll be seeing him next week. At least it gives me time to have more of a think about what I want to do.

So, Obama was inaugurated yesterday. When I got in from work it was all over the news, of course, and aside from a few nervous hiccups during the ceremony, it all seemed to go quite well. I can’t imagine how much pressure he must be under, and most people have got very high expectations of him. Still, if he can pull it all off, the whole world will have something to thank him for. If not, at least he tried!

I can’t help but wonder what the world would be like if Jack Bauer was president. Or David Palmer, at least. He would have made an excellent real-life president.

Although I missed it, a few days ago the people who make the blogging software I use (WordPress) opened a new site called WordPress.tv which is basically a website full of visual tutorials (or videos, as most people would call them) explaining how to use WordPress and WordPress.com. Not a bad idea methinks, although WordPress is fairly easy to use if you’ve ever dealt with web hosting and website creation before.

For anyone who watches it, Fringe returned to the US TV screens last night, which hopefully means it’ll be back on Sky 1 shortly. I have to say, that although the hype suggested it would basically be a modern-day X-Files, I was slightly disappointed to find out that it wasn’t. At least, it’s not got any aliens in it. However, it’s still turned out to be a good show, as well it should considering JJ Abrams is behind it. The first season of a new show is usually a bit rocky (with the exception of Lost, 24 and Heroes) and is used to “create” the characters more than anything. Thankfully, though, a continual underlying story theme is already being developed, so I hope it turns out to be something worthwhile.

I’ve decided that I should really stop trying to type whilst eating. Not only does it mean I’ve only got one (or no) hands free for typing, but the keyboard/crumb situation can get a little wild.

Things are a little secretive at work at the moment. One of the developers has disappeared off the face of the planet after only one day since returning from a month-long holiday. We know he’s handed his notice in, and should therefore still have a month’s notice to serve, but nobody from the management has said anything to us. Which is typical. With any luck we’ll find out what’s going on at the next meeting.

UPDATE: Talking of Obama’s inauguration, it seems that The Great Firewall Of China has extended to include the inauguration speech of Obama’s. China’s officials are always censoring news media outlets, and it seems that this is no different, despite being headline news all over the world. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they’ve gone this far, but it makes you wonder what they’ve got to fear by censoring the speech like that.

In other news, MPs are about to conceal their expenses from the public in a vote that’ll be happening tommorow. They reckon they need to pass the law in order to protect their addresses, despite recently changing the law to do that anyway. People don’t give a monkey’s about where they live (unless they’ve bought a second house as part of their “expenses”) but they do give a monkey’s about how much of our money is being spent.

I’m a firm believer that if a group of individuals can govern, and are ultimately responsible for, the entire country, then the entire country should be able to govern, and be responsible for, the group of individuals. This would mean allowing the British Public to vote on whether MPs expenses are kept from the public eye, rather than asking the very people who want to keep their expenses private. As the petitions and whatnot show, people want transparency, and if we don’t get it, then what else are the government doing (or not doing) that we wan’t them to?

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