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Now’s A Great Time To Buy A Kitchen

Posted by | Posted in Finance | Posted on 27-11-2008

Well as you can see from this news story (and all the others) things aren’t looking too good for high street retailers. Woolworths, one of Britain’s national institutions, is going tits up. In the next couple of weeks there’s likely to be a few other retailers that are going to go the same way. MFI seems to be another one.

So I’m wondering whether now would be a good time to buy a kitchen from MFI. Currently their website says that it’s down for maintenance reviewing it’s current financial situation, so you can’t browse their vast array of kitchens, but I’m pretty sure you can still walk into an MFI store and buy a kitchen buy a display item only. Which makes you wonder – if they’re going to be closing down, who would you have to pay? I don’t know the ins and outs of the legalities of it all, but if the company goes into administration, then there’d be nobody left to owe money to. Does that mean you’d get a free kitchen?

I have to wonder – is all of this one massive coincidence? In the weeks and months ahead, I guaruntee that someone will be complaining about the recent VAT cut to 15%, saying that it “didn’t stop Woolies from going belly up”. Perhaps not, but was it meant to? The VAT cut was intended to encourage people to go out and buy things, not keep companies from going bust. I suppose that, indirectly, having members of the public buy things would help to keep businesses afloat, but something tells me Woolies were in a bit of a shitter long before widespread talk about the recession kicked in.

I also wonder where all the money is going? So people’s energy bills are going up… and? All that means is that people have less disposable income to spend on nicities. Which sucks, I know, but in turn that would mean that businesses just need to cut back on the amount of stock they buy. If they sell fewer goods, then they simply need to stop buying them in such great quantities. Of course, sometimes lay-offs are necessary, and people do lose their jobs, but aside form the retail industry, who else is going to lost out? Less money means less spending, but at the end of the day people still need to eat/breathe/live, so there will always be spending. The only victims there needs to be are the fat cats at the top of the food chain, lining their pockets with millions in bonuses every year. To be honest, most of these pillocks should stop being so greedy and just reduce their own wages and bonuses. That would save a lot of money.

What cracked me up earlier on in the year was when petrol prices were soaring, supposedly because “the cost of oil has gone up dramatically”, said the oil companies. Yet come April, they were all announcing record profits. How’s that exactly? If they’re earning so much profit, why the hell should they get away with putting their prices up to the point of being ridiculous?

The government needed to step in months ago. Had they done so, we wouldn’t be in this mess. A cap on the price of fuel/gas/electricity would have meant that most large energy and oil companies would have found other ways to reduce costs. If you ask me, as long as everyone is making enough money in their jobs to be happy, then they don’t need to start worrying. The increase in oil prices would eat into their profits for sure, but if their profits are running into the billions every year, why in the name of Jesus should the average motorist or homeowner take on the burden of the cost hikes? It’s not like the rising oil prices are our fault, so why should the petrol company bosses continue to sit on their jewel-encrusted thrones at the expense of Average Joe?

If energy and oil companies were responsible for keeping the oil prices at a reasonable rate, without being able to pass costs onto the consumer, maybe they’d do more to make sure the costs don’t rise too much. The way things are at the moment, the oil companies don’t give a monkeys about how much everything costs, so long as their shareholders can skim a few million off the top for themselves. The greedy eastern oil barons whack the prices up because the oil reserves are running out, and the oil companies just jack up the price of petrol for the consumer. But things are getting to the point where people are just not running a car any more. Which is great for the environment, but not so great for the people who need to get to work or school. Which is.. erm… everyone.

I say we should place the responsibility of keeping oil prices down squarely on the shoulders of the petrol companies. If they knew that they couldn’t just pass a cost increase onto us, then maybe they’d think long and hard about the future of fuel, instead of pretending to research “alternative fuels”, all the while mooching every penny they can out of a world that depends on them.

Greed. It’s not a pretty thing. But, as always with this country (and probably the world in general) it’s the hard-working Average Joe who has to suffer at the hands of others. Our living conditions are getting gradually worse because the people that can make the most difference actually do nothing. The government needs to step in and draw the line. It’s sole duty is to look after the people of the country, but it’s so obssessed with trying to keep big companies in business that it sidelines the people that really count.

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