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No Luck

Posted by | Posted in Geek Stuff, Technology | Posted on 13-01-2009

“It’s worse than that – he’s dead, Jim!”

Well, after (briefly) trying to sort out my networking issues yesterday, I had no luck whatsoever. The wireless internet dongle I’m currently using is fine, and so I’m thinking that it must just be an issue with the network adapter itself. The router clearly works, as does my PC in general (when it’s got working hardware, that is) and so today I decided to buy myself a new network card.

I have to say, though, that I’ve not had to buy myself a new network card for years, as the last couple of PCs I’ve had have both come with On-board LAN cards built into the motherboard. It’s good see they haven’t changed much though, and are still as cheap as ever (mine cost me around £15 including delivery).

With regards to the virus situation that we were having at work last week – we’re still in full swing trying to sort the problem out. Most of the issues have been fixed, and a lot of the business is patched and working, but it’s taken the best part of a full working week to get this far. Who’d have thought one little virus can cause all this damage? I always thought that the Powers That Be were being overly cautious with regards to all the firewalls and anti-virus software that we have installed, but clearly I was mistaken. Although having said that, for a company that takes security as seriously as it does, you have to wonder why we’re still all using Internet Explorer 6… I guess someone, somewhere will have learnt their lesson!

I managed to drag my carcuss down the gym yesterday as stated in yesterday’s post. I have to say, I’m noticing the influx of New Year’s Members (as they shall now be known) starting to increase. I think a lot of them were waiting for one of those poncey yoga classes or something, rather than taking the harder route and actually getting themselves on an exercise bike, but still, I admire their effort.

Actually, I can’t knock yoga. I have to admit that during my third year of university I actually attended a yoga class once a week for a while, although it was scheduled for midday every week, so it was struggle to get out of bed on time.

I’ve got a severe craving for a bit of a mix. Someone reminded me of an old Ian Van Dahl tune earlier, and now I’ve got it stuck in my head. As I’ve found over the years, the only way to get a tune out of my head again is to play it to death until I get bored of it. I do find it strange that Ian Van Dahl isn’t actually a single person, but rather two producers, and often a singer as well. That seems to be a trend in the dance music world, though. The name “Mark Norman” sounds like your average western name, yet it’s actually two people – one called Mark and one called Norman. At least that name kind of makes sense then.

I’ve just realised that we’ve yet to take down our Christmas tree. I’m pretty sure that there’s a superstition about keeping your tree up for too long after New Year’s Day, but we seem oblivious to that in our household. For some reason, someone in our house has a habit of leaving one of their Christmas presents on the coffee table in the lounge for a solid year (or, until the next Christmas, whereby the present finally gets cleared to make room for the next year’s batch of prezzies). As predicted, an asortment of bath oils and bubble bath concoctions were left last year. This year, I believe it’s a random collection of sample perfumes that will still be left lying around until this December. I guess we’ll find out if I’m right come Christmas time. If anyone cares to place a small bet against me, please give me a shout. Five English pound Sterling ought to cover it.

I watched the first two hours of Day 7 of 24 last night. As ever, there was plenty of action right from the word go, and Jack Bauer is clearly back to his old self, despite being taken from a legal hearing and being thrown right back into the action. If you’ve not seen any episodes of 24, I seriously suggest you do so. Be warned, though, that you should really start at the beginning of the first season, and work through them in order. The events of one episode affect the goings on in the subsequent episodes (as is obvious when I explain how the show works). So really, you should start at the beginning of the first season to get the full ‘Jack Bauer Effect’.

Basically, the show is called ’24’ because each season is divided into 24 one-hour episodes, each taking place in real-time. So each season takes place over a single day, and events occur in the show “as they happen in real life” (except it’s not real life – it’s just a show).

Reviews of the show have been great from Day 1 (see what I did there) and contrary to popular trends, the seasons stay of the same high quality throughout. Let’s hope this latest installment lives up to the rest. I imagine it will, as the WGA writers strike of last year meant that the producers had an extra year to produce the season.

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