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Posted by | Posted in Tunes | Posted on 06-10-2008

Take me to your leader!

Morning all!

And what a way to start the morning! I spent about six hours yesterday recording a new mix, which I’ve now uploaded and put on the site for you to download. Yay, me!

Strangely, I found out that the WordPress template I’m using doesn’t allow for comments to be posted on pages (only blog posts like this one) and so people can’t actually leave feedback about my sets. I suppose people can leave comments here, but it’d be nice to have the comments on the page that the set can be downloaded from. I’ll have to look into that.

So what’s new for today? Not a lot. Actually, that’s a lie. I’m taking a look at a house that I’m thinking of moving into which is a big deal I suppose. It depends on a lot of things, but it would be great to finally have a place of my own. This credit crunch thing has got people’s purse strings tied so tight their balls will drop off, so trying to find a mortgage in this day and age is a nightmare, so I’m forced to rent a place instead. And I cant believe the prices around here either! This place is a bit of a dump (the town, not the house) and yet the prices are as high as they are anywhere else in the country, despite many rental places not even having any furniture. It’s a shambles!

I’ve been chatting with a mate of mine this morning who decided a little while back to start a blog so he could vent his frustrations about the world. It’s a great read, even if it is (to put it in my words as said to him a little earlier today) a load of twoddle. I’ve got no idea what it’s in aid of, but if you’re reading this you’ve probably not got a lot else to do (or you have, but you just don’t want to do it) so go right on over there and have a read of his ramblings. Always good for a laugh! And I’m sure he’ll hate me for saying so.

Onwards and upwards – the topic of discussion for today is conspiracy theories. I have to be honest, I love them. Not to the extent that I think the British Royal Family are, in fact, giant green lizards, but I do still entertain certain theories; usually the ones involving UFOs. Especially ones involving UFOs.

As every geek worth his procedure calls will know, Area 51 is probably the worst-kept secret in US military history, and it’s there that aliens from the Roswell, New Mexico crash were supposedly taken and studied. There have been many thousands of “sightings” of UFOs and aliens, and most of them are rubbish, of course, but there are some that provide some quite compelling evidence that something strange was going on at the time.

Let’s get one thing straight, though – the term UFO simply means “unidentified flying object”. An object, apparently airbourne, that is so far unidentified. Which means it could be anything. It could be an aeroplane, a monkey, or a spaceship from another world. If it’s unidentified, and it’s flying, it’s an unidentified flying object, and not necessarily a bunch of little green men.

Speaking of little green men, more often than not the aliens that people see are not green at all – they’re grey. And creatively enough, they’re known to the UFO community as Greys. Anyway, a few such creatures were supposedly taken to Area 51 and studied. One was even kept alive for a while, while two(?) others that died in the crash were taken apart by the medically capable, but ethically challenged, doctors and scientists. A number of people have come forward, claiming to have actually worked at Area 51 and know exactly what goes on there, although to date, none of the claims have been verified.

So what’s the truth? Well there’s no denying that Area 51 exists. If you go anywhere near the spot in the Nevada desert where the base is built, you can see warning signs and military jeeps all over the shop. Ignore the warnings, and they send military choppers after you. And, as I’m sure you can see from the link above, it’s clearly viewable on Google Maps. So even though the US government denies it exists, it does exist. But that’s not to say that all the rumours about it are true, though.

Logic tells me that aliens do exist. If you think about it, why wouldn’t they exist? Assuming your’re not a religious nut-jobâ„¢ who believes that the universe was created in six days, a few thousand years ago, you’d know that the universe is around 15 billion years old, of which the Earth has existed for 4.3 billion of those years. Now I’m no astronomer, but from what I know about the way the universe works, it seems as though if there is one of something, there’s an infinite number of them. Take stars, for example. If there’s one of them (our Sun) then there’s a billion of them (just look up at the night sky to see what I mean). The same goes for planets – there are nine (or is it twelve now? I can never keep up) around our star alone, so considering how many stars there are, there must be an awful lot of planets as well.

So why would anyone assume that the Earth is the only planet in the universe that is capable of supporting intelligent life? Even if the conditions that existed on Earth when life first formed were the ONLY conditions that life could form in in our universe, there must still be thousands of planets out there with the exact same conditions. After all, our Sun is nothing special. It’s about as average as stars get. So in my opinion, it would just be silly to assume that there are no other planets with life on them somewhere out there in the universe.

What’s not so silly to assume, however, is that we’ll never actually meet any of the little fellows. It’s hard to say how technologically more advanced an alien culture might be compared to us, so we cant possibly understand how “easy” it would be for them to traverse the vast distances between our planet and theirs, but if the Theory Of Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics, are to be believed, it’d be damn near impossible to get from there to here in any reasonable amount of time. That in itself makes it unlikely that the so-called UFO sightings are, in fact, alien ships from another planet. But that doesn’t prove that they dont exist, only that it’s unlikely we’ll ever see them.

So what about the recovered alien bodies at Area 51? Well it’s hard to say. Putting aside the giant assumption that the aliens actually managed to make it to Earth in the first place, I imagine that what supposedly happened would be exactly what would happen if the same situation happened again – i.e. the government quickly came up with a cover story, and denied all stories about aliens and spaceships in order to carry out research on their technology and biology. Area 51 was well known for being a secret military testing lab, used for testing the latest weapon systems (the F-117 Stealth Fighter was tested there) so it’s reasonable to assume that should an alien crash site be found, the wreckage would be carted off to a lab somewhere in Area 51. But alas, no proof has ever been found that that is what really happened. There have been plenty of eye-witnes accounts, but no hard proof.

Thanks to some sneaky Russians, though, satellite surviellance of the area over a number of years has shown that there has been no major activity from the Area 51 base at all recently. Now that the UFO spotlight is well and truly planted on Area 51, many ufologists believe that the government simply moved the base to a new location. It is said that they keep the military presence in the area to keep the public fooled into thinking that there is still some research going on there, in the hopes that it draws attention away from the new location of Area 51 (wherever that might be). Some even say that the whole thing was a setup from the start, and that Area 51 has never even been used to test any kind of weapons, and that it was all simply a decoy.

As for me, I’d love the idea of aliens visiting Earth, and I’m pretty sure that the way things were claimed to have happened would be the way that things would happen should aliens ever land here, but I doubt that it’s true, to be honest. There will always be people who believe so strongly that the governments are holding information from us, but that much is certain anyway. There are some things that are best not known by Joe Average, and it’s up to the Government to decide what those things are. As disappointed as I’d be if alien visitations were included in that list, it wouldn’t surprise me. I guess the best we can hope for is for an alien to pop round for dinner one day.

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