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New Mix

Posted by | Posted in Tunes | Posted on 09-02-2009

I’ve not got much to say today, and nature calls so I’d best be quick, but for those who are interested, I’ve posted a new mix for download.

Someone said to me recently that I should do a proper trance set, because most of what I mix today is what someone else seems to call “trendhouse”, so as I started of as a true trancer, they decided I should show them a mix of some of the tunes that used to listen to. And so here it is.

The mixing is quite shoddy in places to be fair, but I really don’t care. This wasn’t supposed to be an official mix or anything like that, it was just supposed to be an awesome energetic mix of pure tunage, and that’s exactly what it is. And I love it! (I know I say that about every mix I do, but by comparison to this set, some of my earlier sets are awesome. In fact, they’re awesome anyway I’ve come to realise, as most of the beatmatching is spot on.)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. There are some real classics in there, but perhaps they’re only classics to me because I used to listen to them. Whatever the weather, enjoy!

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