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New Mix Online!

Posted by | Posted in Comedy, Entertainment, Tunes | Posted on 28-08-2009

Blimey, I hadn’t realised it’d been four months since I recorded my last mix! Just as well my sister has been nagging me for one then, I suppose.

Basically, she asked me to make a CD for her that included a load of Deadmau5 tunes. I like a couple of Deadmau5 tunes myself, but then again, there are a fair few that I dont. But despite all that, she wanted a mix, and I hadn’t produced one for a quite a while.

I have to admit, I didn’t put a great deal of effort into it. I recorded it last night after having spent all day at work, and I basically threw a load of tunes together in Winamp, rearranged them into some kind of order, and then soent the next couple of hours mixing/recording/editing etc.

The end result was a mix that wasn’t too bad, but it does have one or two dodgy transitions in it (as always). That’s partly due to me being a little out of practice, partly because I didn’t know most of the tunes very well, and partly down to tiredness/laziness. Still, if it tickles your fancy, get the tracklist and download link here.

Upon procrastinating this morning, I’ve come across some interesting bits and pieces regarding a new Pioneer device. It’ll obviously be something DJ-related, perhaps a CDJ-2000. I got an email today with a link to a couple of videos that feature James Zabiela and Armin Van Buuren talking about the new Pioneer gizmo. Rumours on the net suggest that it’s an updated CDJ-1000, an updated CDJ-400, or something entirely new. Although to be “new” it’ll have to be really quite different. And knowing Pioneer, “different” means “expensive”.

I’ll have to wait and see what this marvellous new thingy is before I decide whether or not to sell my CDJ-400s and buy these new gizmos. I’ll certainly take a look, but seeing as I’m still rather happy with what I’ve got, it’ll take a small miracle to get me to upgrade, especially in this financial climate.

Speaking of financial climates, even though I’ve been back from America for the last three weeks, it’s still costing me money. Last weekend Tony dropped the bombshell that all of the little things we’d put on the credit cards during the course of the holiday had come to around £1200, so that was another £600 to come out of my bank. Thankfully it was payday this week, so that more than covered it. Still, some of us have got houses to buy, you know!

Wednesday night saw the return of a comedy quiz panel show that I appreciated in my childhood – Shooting Stars. It’s been 15 years since the show first aired, and despite the tendency for revived shows to do nothing but disappoint, Shooting Stars managed to bring back the old style of humour and revamp it with a twist of the modern, much to my satisfaction. I personally loved it, and I’m glad there are going to be five more before the series is out.

For those that didn’t catch it, you’ve got until Tuesday to watch it on the BBC iPlayer, so you’d better get to it! The episode brought back some classic gags and quiz rounds, and to my surprise, all but one of the original cast members is still there, including the awesome Matt Lucas (who has to be far more famous than the presenters now, despite the show first helping him on his way to fame back in the day). If you want to read a review of the new show before spending 30 minutes of your life watching it, you can do. Rest assured, I’ll be watching the rest of the series.

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