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Monday Mornings (again)

Posted by | Posted in Monday Mornings | Posted on 23-02-2009

Morning one and all!

It’s everyone’s favourite morning of the week – Monday morning! For reasons that slip my mind now, last Monday morning wasn’t your typical Monday morning, and so the typical Monday Morning Blues didn’t set in. Today is like every other Monday though, and as such, it feels like one.

I have to admit that the urge to pig out on a full-on KFC hit me last night, so at the risk of running out of petrol half way to town, we drove the 6-mile round trip just to get some KFC. But I’ll be heading down the gym tonight anyway, to work off the heart attack-inducing chemicals and fats that they no doubt pile into their food. But it tastes gooooooood though.

I’ve been pretty good these last few weeks. I’ve finally had the motivation to get down the gym three times a week, and I’m finally able to do that without overdoing it and pulling some muscles. That’s always the way with the gym – you’ve either got the will to go, but your over-enthusiasm means you end up injuring yourself; or you’re perfectly fine, but other things come up or you just find yourself too tired to go. After a while, though, you find that the exercise actually gives you more energy, and so long as you don’t get interupted by pesky estate agents (as if!) then it’s so much easier to get motivated to go down the gym more often as time goes on.

On Friday, the other web developer at my workplace left the company. He’s heading on to bigger and better things in sunny Australia, and so that basically leaves me to do all the web development stuff. It’s gonna be awesome, if a little stressful, because it’s always handy to have someone else to throw ideas off of, or to have a fresh pair of eyes check your code. I’m secretly hoping that as I’m the only developer in the place, that my job title might change, and with that should come a new salary. But that’s all in my head for the moment – the company hasn’t decided what’s going to happen, especially with everyone trying to save money in these uncertain finacial climates.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I seem to be watching too many TV shows week by week for me to keep tabs on. Another show started a couple of Fridays ago – Dollhouse. It’s made by the same guy who created Buffy, and even has a couple of the same actresses in it. Critics didn’t seem overly pleased with the pilot episode, and so naturally, the great viewing public agreed, although I didn’t think it was too bad. In my experience, some TV shows need a good few episodes to get interesting, and so I think I’ll be giving it a chance. The second episode aired on Friday, so I should manage to catch that tonight.

I’m working on a new mix at the moment. A lot of what I’ve played so far has been very house-oriented, with a bit of trance thrown in for good measure. Recently, I heard a CD mixed by Eric Prydz (if I remember correctly) and it had a fair few electro-house tunes on it. That inspired me to create a tracklist for my own electro set, although I don’t suppose many people who liked my previous mixes would like this. It’ll certainly be for the EDM fans out there, rather than people who “listen to anything”. Still, I’ll only really be mixing it for myself, as a way to try something different. I’d also like to make a drum’n’bass mix, although that might be a long time coming.

After my drunken antics on NYE, I decided that I’d only go out drinking on special occasions. Last Saturday was one such occasion (and the first since NYE actually). It was a friend’s 30th birthday party, which was held at a pub in a nearby village. It was a pretty cool party, with the DJ playing all of the usual cheesy party classics, and I seem to remember myself getting caught “doing the locomotion”. I would say, “never again”, but that’s just a fat lie! I’m quite surprised at how hungover I wasn’t yesterday, considering the variety of drinks I was having. Dirty Vimtos are awesome, but expensive, I’ve decided.

I woke up with a slight headache this morning, although I think that’s just because of the lack of sleep. I find that whenever I go out drinking, that I sometimes wake up rather early the next morning and can’t always get back to sleep. I’ve got no idea why, but it can be so annoying! Especially if you’re trying to shake off a hangover.

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