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Man, I Love Fridays

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 03-07-2009

Yep, it’s that time of the week again. And thankfully things are quiet here at work. I’m hoping that as I’m going away for a month in about a week’s time, they won’t get me working on anything much over this next week.

So what’s on the agenda this weekend? Well, I seriously need a haircut. I’ve needed one for a couple of weeks now, at least, but I decided I’d leave it until I went away so that I don’t have to worry about it while I’m on holiday. I also need to sort some stuff out for the holiday, and buy some of the usual touristy things.

My camera arrived this week. I’ve had a little play about with it, but I still need to get used to the various settings etc. It seems like a nice piece of kit, and with 2 x 4Gb SD cards, there should be plenty of space for pics, even if I take them at a full 12MP. I ended up getting a FinePix F100fd from Play. As per usual, there was great service, and the price wasn’t bad either. Less than £200 for the camera and two 4Gb SD cards.

I also wanna do some mixing this weekend. It’s been ages since I did a good mix, and I wont get to do any for a month while I’m away. I don’t suppose I’ll record any mixes as I’ve not hooked up my mixers to my PC since I rearranged the furniture, but it’s good just to have a play about. And also, the neighbours have started to annoy me slightly with their chav music, so I might just have to show them what real tunes sound like.

Not sure what’s going on in the news lately as I haven’t had time to read it. However, some slight tech news that I noticed myself yesterday – Gmail has altered the way labels work. Apparently the rollout hasn’t happened for everyone yet, but I noticed that the labels and the system folders (such as Inbox, Spam, and All Mail) are all now one and the same. Which is how I thought of them in my own mind anyway. I often wondered why the Inbox wasn’t simply another label, but these changes confirm what I suspected – that Gmail considers everything to be a label of some sort.

It doesn’t change much, other than the fact that the label management features have changed slightly in the Settings. You can also show/hide labels as you see fit (including the system labels), and a nifty new feature that allows you to drag an email onto a label to archive it to that label has also been added. I’m not sure if I like the new changes yet, as I dont really like knowing that I have “253 more…” labels that are hidden, but I like the principle. We’ll see how it goes I guess.

It’s past midday here already – I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by today.

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