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Joining The First-Time Buyer’s Club

Posted by | Posted in Geek Stuff, Personal Shizzle | Posted on 15-01-2009

Well, I went and saw the mortgage advisor yesterday, and as expected he went through a few bits and pieces with me about the different types of mortgage available and whatnot. Afterwards, he set me some “homework” to do between now and the next time I see him.

It’s all pretty bog-standard from what I can tell, and so I’ll work out my budget, do the credit check stuff, have a look about for some houses, etc, etc until I see the guy next week. ‘Citing stuff!

Well, it’s officially a week since the virus outbreak started here at work, and things are just about calming down. I’ve had one or two virus warnings pop up on my own laptop, but it’s nothing my anti-virus software couldn’t handle. I mentioned a few anti-virus programs a few posts back, and as I recall I wasn’t majorly impressed with McAfee. Still, it seems to be doing it’s job now that it’s up to date, and I really cant complain. As it happens, Microsoft released a new version of their Malicious Software Removal Tool a couple of days back that was updated specifically to combat the W32/Confiker worm that’s currently infecting our systems. If only they’d released it a week or so before, then we could have avoided this whole mess!

Having just looked up my blog post about anti-virus software, I realise I didn’t give you the answer to the riddle I posted. Well, as you may recall, the riddle goes as follows:

You’re standing in a room that has two doors. One door leads to heaven, and one door leads to hell, although you don’t know which is which. There are two men in the room, each one standing by a door. One man always tells the truth, and one man always lies, but again, you don’t know which is which. You’re trying to get to heaven, and to help you, you can ask one of the men only one question. Who would you ask, and what would you ask them?

The answer is rather quaint. You see, because you don’t know which guy tells the truth and which one lies, you have to think of a question that you can ask either one, and know that the answer is reliable. So, pick either one of the guys, and ask them, “what door would the other guy tell me to go through?”, and then whichever door he tells you, walk through the other one.

It makes sense of you think about it. If you happened to be asking the guy who always lies, then he’d know which door the truthful guy would tell you, but because he’s a liar, he’d tell you the wrong door, so you know to go through the opposite one. If, on the other hand, you happened to be asking the truthful guy which door the liar would tell you to go through, then the truthful guy would honestly tell you the door that the liar would tell you. But again, because the liar would tell you the wrong door, you know to go through the opposite door again. Tada!

I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t figure it out for yourself, because I sure didn’t. Do feel bad, however, if you didn’t even think to Google the answer just to satisfy your curiosity. (On searching for an answer myself, I came across this interesting article that has a similar puzzle or two to solve).

For the first time since New Year I actually had a decent night’s sleep last night. I’m not sure why exactly; perhaps because I really needed it. Either way, I’m not complaining. It means I might have a bit more energy than usual, for the gym trip tonight. Due to the fact that we’ve not quite finished off all of our Christmas food, I’ve still not quite got back into the strict regime that I was on before January, but I’m determined to keep up the hard work.

I didn’t get time to do any mixing yesterday, as I was listening to a lot of new tracks that I hadn’t got round to listening to yet. I think the only reason I found the time to do that is because I archived and deleted all music from my machine over the weekend, so I had no music left on there to listen to. Still, there are plenty of fresh tracks out there, so I’ll build up a new collection soon enough. You never know, there might even be some mix-worthy tunes out there too.

There seems to have been an influx of celebs popping their clogs over the last couple of days. Patrick McGoohan, the actor who played Number 6, in the hit 60’s series The Prisoner, has died, as has the internet legend Ricardo Montalban from Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. I used to love Star Trek II. Aside from Generations and First Contact, The Wrath Of Khan was the best of all Star Trek films. I guess we’ll see if the new one will top the others. As it’s been delayed by about five months, I should hope it will. Still, a respectful RIP goes out to the actors, and best wishes to their families.

UPDATE: I think I spoke too soon about our virus issues being solved – we’ve had a small resurgence in the number of infected machines. I do wonder, at times, what the hell we’ve been doing for the last week. But now that the removal tool has been released by Microsoft, we should hopefully be able to put a stop to this virus once and for all.

We’ve been installing a few patches on many of our PCs over the last week, but I’ve got no idea what the hell they’re for. Clearly they don’t stop PCs from getting infected again, nor do they seem to help McAfee to detect and remove the threat. Still, what can you do…

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