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“No, no, he’s too young for that. Maybe in a couple of years…”

Over 9000? By quite a long way, it seems. According to The Chairman, over 30,000 complaints have been received about Brand and Ross’ antics the other day. I bet if you asked them, 29,000 of those people wouldn’t even know what station Brand’s radio show was on, let alone what day and time it aired. But that’s enough talk about that shambles.

I saw the first episode of Ponderland last night. I’m actually quite surprised they aired it despite the furor that surrounds the guy at the moment. And, much like politicians, TV execs are keen to be seen “doing something” about whatever TV or radio-related shennanigans happens to be consuming all media attention at the time. But, for whatever reason, they kept it on, and I for one am glad they did.

It was quite a good show, despite the fairly average critic reviews, and it had some rather interesting clips of (more than) one guy who thought it prudent to keep a fully-grown male lion as a pet. In his house. The clip showed the guy practically getting eaten y the lion, and all he did to avoid his impending death was to “shoo” the lion (who only wanted to play, it seemed) away.

Another clip involved a woman (American, of course) who’s husband had left her because she was sleeping with the family dog. That’s right, the dog. Thinking about it, I’m not sure that it wasn’t the other way round – I think SHE left HIM because he threatened to neuter the dog (or have it put down, I forget which). According to the woman, that prospect was,

“…the last nail in the coffin of our marriage.”

As Brand swiftly pointed out, the final nail in the coffin was mostly likely to have been when she actually slept with a dog.

It gets better though. As the clips roll on, we’re introduced to another pet that she’s got – a pony. Now we’ve all heard about horses and their particular trend for oversized genitalia, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that this woman might have had another secret she wanted to tell us about. And of course, you’re right. She clearly wants to sleep with the pony as well, but according to her, the pony is only young and not mature enough to “show her certain behaviours”. So she’s telling us that she’s not sleeping with the pony because it’s too young to handle it, and NOT because… it’s a pony. Thank heavens for that. I nearly thought less of her for sleeping with such a young pony, but as she’s going to wait until it’s older, that’s fine. She wouldn’t want anyone to think she was a paedo, now, would she?

Well, it’s a Friday again. The best day of the week. The weekend starts mere hours from now, and drunkards up and down the country rejoice. And we’re only a few days away from the next US president. It’s going to be close by all accounts (accounts I haven’t read, admittedly) but the polls have Obama slightly ahead. What will this mean for the US? I’ve got no idea. I know nothing about the guy to be honest, but I’m sure there will be quite a big deal about him being the first black American president. There shouldn’t be, of course, but there will be. As much as many ethnic minorities claim that they dont play up to the fact that they’re a minority, many of them will do if something as “major” as a black American president were to emerge.

Still, it would be quite interesting to see what happens over the next four years. To be honest, and again, I say this knowing nothing about the guy, I’m not sure that McCain would be the best choice for president anyway. The guy is 72 years old, and although he’s an experienced war vet, I’m not sure that many people of his age understand the mordern world as much as someone who’s a tad younger. I know that was a massive brush I’ve just tarred a lot of people with, but my experience with people of his age is that they rarely understand the thinking of the young people of the world, and especially, the new attitudes, viewpoints and thoughts of those people. Not to mention technology, the environment, and education and employment. They know a lot about politics, but not a lot about much else.

But it will be interesting to see what happens. Things cant get any worse, that’s for sure. Well, unless they leaves sordid messages on an actor’s answering machine. Then they might have to resign before they’ve even started..

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