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It Feels Like A Friday

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 10-12-2008

“I’m so excited, but I just can’t hide it…”

For the first time in a long history of Wednesday mornings, I woke up happy. Well, as happy as I usually wake up on a Friday morning anyway. Because today is the Friday of this week for me. For this week and next, I’m having a four-day weekend, which means I’ll only be working 6 days out of 16. Woo! I have to enjoy it while I can, because, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be working over Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Ah well, you can’t win ’em all.

If, like me, you never took the plunge when it came to using online office applications (like Google Docs) because you were so used to using Microsoft Office, there’s good news – from next year Microsoft will be offering online versions of Office for everyone to use. And by ‘everyone’, I’m sure Microsoft means ‘those who can afford it’. Actually, ad-supported versions should be on the cards, so that people can use the tools for free. I have to say, I’d be highly tempted to do so. I’m often needing to open work documents at home, or home documents at work, and I have to completely different versions of Office installed in both places, so having one place that I can read/write all documents, no matter what the format or version number, would be a godsend.

With regards to the Wikipedia censoring deal – the Intarweb Watch Foundation (who decided that the image in question could be illegal, and recommended that UK ISP’s block the Wikipedia page altogether) have backed down and taken the image off of their “list”. Apparently, the Logic Fairy struck home yesterday, and after realising that the image has been widely available for over 30 years without so much as a complaint, they thought it best not to go around censoring pages will nilly. And so, all’s well that ends well. It still leaves some doubts in my mind, though. If they can do it once, they can do it again. But as I said yesterday (or the day before; I forget now) this is a pivotal decision – it will govern whether the intarwebs is forever censored, turning the nation’s ISPs and internet backbone into the second Great Firewall Of China, or it’ll show the Powers That Be that they can’t mess about with people’s rights and freedoms, and when they take away something that has been given to them since forever (and is paid for, I might add) then it’ll cause riots.

I applaud the decision, as it means people still have the right to decide for themselves what they do and don’t want to see/do on the net. It shows that the government still trusts the people (for the most part) and that we’re still free to make our own choices. At least, that’s what I’d like to think…

I realised today that I haven’t posted my thoughts about certain topics of conversation in a while. This blog has turned into mundane drivel about my gym failings and love of music. So over the next few days I’ll be thinking of a few topics that I can discuss and share my thoughts on. If anyone can think of anything that they want to hear me talk tripe about, feel free to let me know.

Talking of tripe and gym failings – I’m actually totally fine from the gym session last night. Which means I either didn’t work hard enough, or I worked as hard as usual, and it wasn’t enough. Which is a good thing. Next time I think I can step up the pace a bit, and see how it goes. Yesterday was supposed to be a workout for the legs (that I should have done Monday) but ended up being a free-for-all as per usual. But at least I’m OK to concentrate on a specific area next time, and I’m not all achey and whatnot like I suspected I might be.

UPDATE: Just because I know I wont be around much tomorrow to post this, I figured I’d mention it now. Apparently, Google Chrome is set to come out of beta and be given a full release. That’s great news. I only had two issues with Chrome – the first one was the fact that it didn’t have an AdBlock feature or addon, but I imagine that if Google is going to make Chrome open-source, it’ll soon have an AdBlock extension built for it. There’s probably an unofficial one out already, if you want to start playing around with the code. Secondly, I had issues when filling in text into a textbox. Sometimes the text would overwrite itself (or at least appear to) or wouldn’t go away when I erased it (or, again, didn’t appear to). Hopefully the release of version 1.0 will see an end to this. There doesn’t seem to be an actual release date yet, though.

Scientists have “confirmed” that a super-massive black hole exists at the centre of our galaxy, some 27,000 light years away. They’ve been telling everyone that black holes are at the centre of most galaxies for a few years now, but as always with the scientific community, they run before they can walk, and hadn’t actually proven anything up until now. And even now, it’s not proof exactly. Still, it explains a lot.

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