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Is Caffine Good For A Headache?

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 20-08-2009

…or should I try caffine, sugar, and vast quantities of E-numbers?

I’m sitting here at work, with a bit of a headacahe. It must be all that stress, I tell you! We had one or two things go a bit wrong yesterday – nothing major, but it involved tracking down and fixing bugs. Having saying that I’d fixed a bug, it re-appeared today, to show that I hadn’t, in fact, fixed it at all. Actually I had, but I’d altered the wrong version of that particular web app. Still, you live and learn!

For this last week I’ve had a bit of difficulty getting out of bed, despite trying to go to bed earlier than usual. I’m glad it’s Friday tomorrow, as it means I can relax at the weekend. Well, I’ll try, at least. If the randomness of last weekend is anything to go by, there’ll not be a lot of resting involved. Still, it’s all good fun!

Ah, what to do, what to do. This is boredom (and a headache) at it’s finest. Things are fairly slow here at work (apart from the odd bugfix) because, as per usual, we’re waiting on others to do their alloted tasks before we can do ours. It’s at times like these that I wish I was an internet millionaire already, although I don’t know what else I’d be doing with my time if I was.

Actually, that’s a lie, I’d be convincing students not to go to lectures, and instead, tell them they should be hanging out with me. We’d probably be playing on my new Megadrive. I have to say, that I was surprised to be told by a work collegue about that. Firebox is an awesome website, but never did I think I’d find a good old retro gaming console on there. £40 might be a tad expensive considering the slightly (a.k.a. very) cheap feel of the console, but for all the nostalgia it beckons, it’s worth it.

(I will admit, I’ve had to send my Megadrive back to them for a replacement, as my one doesn’t seem to power up. I’m sure it did at one point, but I tried playing a game that I bought off of Ebay and the cartridge got stuck. I think that by pulling the game out (which took some doing) I might have broken my console slightly. But there’s no proof, so I want a working one!)

I’ve bought a few games off of Ebay and Amazon to try out, but until I get a working console, I don’t know how well they’ll work. We’ll see I suppose!

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