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iPad Therefore iAM

Posted by | Posted in Geek Stuff | Posted on 12-02-2010

I know I said I’d post my thoughts on the iPad at a later date, with today being one such later date, but I’ve been so busy playing silly games and buying ridiculously over-sized monitors that I haven’t had the time.

Thankfully, though, Charlie Brooker has. He basically sums up what I thought of the iPad, but mentions that he might be getting an iCrap, er.. sorry, Macbook, whereas I wont be. I’ve only just discovered Charlie Brooker as a comedian, so if any of you get the chance to see Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe on TV, I’d recommend it. It’s a TV show that looks and sounds a lot like that article, so if you like that, you’ll like Newswipe. You can also follow Brooker on Twitter, if that sort of things tickles your fancy.

Google Buzz hit GMail users a couple of days ago. If you haven’t heard of it, think Twitter, but from directly within Gmail. You can also pull feeds from other Google-owned websites as well as third parties, and other Buzz users can follow you to instantly see what you’re doing on various websites. Great news for stalkers!

Although it’s a good idea, I’m not quite sure why Google have implemented it as part of GMail. Also, there is already a report of a gaping security hole that broadcasts your list of followers to everyone (who cares?) that will be fixed tomorrow. For now, though, you can do this to fix the “problem”.

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