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I Hate Computers

Posted by | Posted in Geek Stuff, Technology | Posted on 12-01-2009

Yesterday I had the fantastic idea of installing and trying the latest version of Windws – Windows 7. The beta version had been leaked onto the net a couple of weeks ago, but Microsoft officially released it on 9th January. As some of you may be aware, there was such an overwhleming demand for it that it actually crashed the Microsoft servers that were serving the files.

Various mirrors and direct downloads appeared, but you still need a valid Key if you want to run it for more than 30 days. (Incidentally, the beta runs out on 1st August).

So how did I get on? Now you’re asking! Firstly, I’d like to point out that it’s a silly idea to install a new OS on your main PC, because if it goes belly up, you’ve got nothing to fall back on. I learnt that the hard way.

After having downloaded all 3.2Gb of Windows 7, I decided that I had a spare hard drive that I could use to install it on. It was sat next to my PC in a little caddy that was connected to my PC via USB. It’s been there, unused, for about 6 months or so, so I figured I could take out the existing hard drive (with my current Vista installation on) and replace it with this blank drive, onto which I can install 7.

After getting the hard drive out of the caddy and opening up my PC, I realised that the drive from the caddy was an IDE hard drive, which I therefore couldn’t use because I had no spare IDE slots on my motherboard. So, if I couldn’t use the spare hard drive, I decided I’d just format my Vista installation and use that. “What’s the worst that could happen”, I thought.

A non-existent network, is the answer. I managed to install 7 just fine, but soon realised that it had absolutely no networking functionality. And that’s not an “undocumented feature” of Windows 7, I might add, it’s just that for some reason, my network card wasn’t playing ball.

After trying to find drivers for it (for Windows 7) I realised I didn’t even know what network adapter I actually had. After finding out, I went about finding drivers for it. And it turns out that Vista drivers are few and far between, let alone drivers for Windows 7. So, it looked hopeless, and I decided to reinstall Vista.

Having reinstalled Vista over Windows 7, I still had the same problem. In fact, I’ve still got the same problem, even now – a whole day later. It’s the dreaded network issue that I’ve seen a few times but not been able to do anything about. The network card is set to receive IP information etc automatically from the router, and the router is set to give out that information automatically… yet it doesn’t happen. Instead, the machine connects to itself (or, as it likes to call it, an “unidentified network”) and gives itself a completely random IP address, subnet, and default gateway, which obviously dont help matters (or even work)

Just to take the piss, I went up into my loft later on in the day, and found the very 160Gb SATA drive that I thought I had in my caddy – so I’d formatted a perfectly good Vista installation for absolutely no reason. So I’ve decided that I hate computers.

So tonight, after my first trip to the gym in 6 days, I’ll be trying to fix the problem. I could really have done without having to reinstall my whole PC, although I guess it’s a good idea to do so every year or thereabouts. And to be fair, I haven’t reinstalled that PC since I built it 18 months ago.

Talking of gym antics, I’m going again tonight. I can feel the Christmas lethargy well and truly taking effect, but I’ve not been put off. I knew that whatever gains I might have made over the last few weeks would be completely undone over Christmas, and I accepted it.

One thing I’ve noticed about exercise – the more you do it, the more dependent on it you become. It’s one of those things whereby if you start it, you can no longer do without it, but should you ever have to go without it, you suffer a lot more than you would had you not started in the first place.

So what I’m basically saying is, once you start exercising regularly, make sure you continue to do so for the rest of your life, because if you stop, you’ll get a lot fatter than you would if you had just not started to exercise at all. How much sense does that make, eh?

Well, it’s past 4pm now, which means the dreaded “4pm Wall” has kicked in. Thankfully my manager here at work has gone home, so I wont be pestered into trying to knock up a Word document for some plebs (that’s a technical term) to read at any time until tomorrow morning. Which is just as well, as my brain is only just about able to cope with giving me directions to the gym before it’ll give up on me for the day. Which doesn’t bode well for my broken PC…

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