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I Am Still Here!

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 14-10-2009

“…they both died with skidmarks on their helmet.”

Feels like an eternity since I was last able to post a blog entry on here. Which I suppose is just as well as there isn’ta lot going on at the moment.

Steven whats-his-face from that group died this week (or last week, I forget now). This year has certainly seen some high-profile peeps pop their clogs. I can’t same I’m a Boyzone fan, but still, it’s never good to hear of young people dying. He was 33 I think.

I’m still no further ahead with buying a house, and the web project I’d started hasn’t been touched for a week. Still, I’ve made good progress with it overall, so I hope to be posting about it soon enough. Like I mentioned before, it’s just for a laugh more than anything; just to see if I’m up to the technical challenge (not that it’s much of a challenge).

Our household aquired a Nintendo Wii yesterday. According to Wii Fit, my Wii age is 30. 30!! That’s shocking, I’m only 25 (for another week or so). So I’ve decided that along with the gym (which I’m not going to tonight after knacking my shoulders doing the boxing thing last night) that I’ll aslo be doing a Wii Fit training thing. I’m hoping to drag my carcass out of bed early enough each morning to do some exercises before work, but only time will tell if that’s gonna happen.

First impressions of it after last night is that the thing is awesome. I can see why so many people rave about it. It’s the sort of thing that would turn the sternest of souls, such as my nan, into avid fans. I’m sure she’d find something to complain about, but her beef with games consoles is the fact that kids sit in front of the TV getting fat when they play them – which, of course, the Wii doesn’t do. It’s all about being active and getting involved. Nintendo are geniuses.

I’ll defintely be having another go on it tonight – gym, TV and web projects be damned! (For now…)

UPDATE: For you Apple fanbois.

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