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Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 16-12-2009

Christ, it’s been nearly two weeks since I last posted. Then again, I guess I’ve had a lot to do and haven’t really had time to do much of anything.

First things first, though – congratulations to a friend of mine who just gave birth to a boy weighing 8lbs. And that’s quite something considering his mum doesn’t weigh much more than that! Well done you!

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas. It must have been around a month ago that I actually started Christmas shopping, although I’m nowhere closer to being finished than I was then. I don’t like Christmas shopping much. It’s an obligation that people expect of you nomatter what, even if they’ve never mentioned anything that they’d like to receive, or always complain about Christmas. And I’m rubbish at buying presents too. Thankfully I’ve got a week off work next week (in the run-up to Christmas) so I can sort out some last-minute presents then.

Also on the agenda for the week is sorting out a family member’s new internet connection with BT, drinking beer with friends, and possibly getting some website-related stuff finished. I’m starting to wonder why they call it a holiday!

I might also be persuaded to put the Christmas tree up soon. You may remember that last year we had our Christmas tree up until the end of February, which I thought was some kind of major award-winning achievement, but apparently others didn’t. I guess it made up for the fact that we put it up about two days before Christmas (if memory serves) and so having the tree up for longer than usual wasn’t really that bad. Although people did laugh when they heard the story, or when they popped round and actually saw the thing standing with all it’s might, two months after Christmas had finished.

As per usual, my family is all over the shop during Christmas. I usually spend Christmas day with my mum, her other half, and my brother – and at some point during the day we’ll visit my nan and grandad, uncle, auntie and cousins. Then come Boxing Day I’ll see my dad, along with my brother and sister. This year, however, the gramps are in Germany, and my sis will probably be spending Christmas day round our house rather than a friend of hers. My uncle will be living in my nan’s old house, and my dad might possibly be working/volunteering somewhere, helping people eat soup or whatever. So it’s even more up in the air than usual this year.

Although having said that, one ounce of normality that might make an appearence is my annual UKTA Radio slot. The last time I mixed for the radio was on Boxing Day last year, and with any luck we’ll be arranging an almighty mix-fest again this year. I say ‘normality’ like it’s happened many times before, but in reality I’ve done it once – last year. But considering that’s the longest running-tradition in my household has at Christmas, I’ll take it. I guess doing a mix for the second time in two years would make it an annual event…

After Christmas comes the new year, where people make all sorts of resolutions, most of which they’ll break before New Year’s Eve is even over. I myself decided to get down the gym more (check), get a house (fail), get a payrise/better job (check), and generally make some changes for the better (fail). So this year it’ll be more of the same – finish/maintain websites in the hopes of selling them for vast fortunes, find a woman, start a house-buying business with family, learn to drive, and keep up the good work down the gym.

There’s also talk in the air of a New Year’s Eve party, possibly in Cambridge, for which (if it goes ahead) I’ve been asked to DJ at. Awesome! My first public gig. I guess I should get some practice in before then, and find some new tunes as well.

Anyway, if I don’t post before, have an awesome Christmas! I’ll probably post again between Christmas and new year, when I’m at work, bored, and my manager is off on holiday. Wooo!

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