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Happy Easter!

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 09-04-2009

Just a quick note to say happy Easter! (I know it’s not technically Easter yet, but as it’ll be a four-day weekend for me this week, I figured I probably won’t be blogging until Tuesday or something).

Apparently, the Confiker worm has been activated. According to JCXP, the worm has awakened and is trying to put random files and data onto people’s machines. Obviously there’s a reason for it, but due to the heavy encryption that the worm employs, researchers are having a hard time figuring out what it’s all in aid of. If you’ve been infected, you can try using your antivirus program to remove it (most AV programs have now been updated to find/remove it) or failing that, you can try and manually remove it.

I’ve been a tad swamped here at work, but thankfully we had news yesterday that we’re probably getting another developer in. Which is great, as not only will I be top dog, but I’ll also have the opportunity to teach/manage another developer.

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