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Google Wave

Posted by | Posted in Geek Stuff, Technology | Posted on 19-10-2009

“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”

Got myself a Google Wave invite this morning. I have to admit, aside from the info you see posted all over the net, I know very little about it. I know that around 600,000 people have been invited to the preview so far, that it’s constantly a trending topic on Twitter, and that it’s basically a type of real-time collaboration software that includes email, IM and other bits and pieces.

I can’t find out how to send invites as of yet, but I’ve already got a couple of people who’d like one, so as soon as I can send them out (or at least, nominate those people for an invite) then I will. Which I hope will be soon because until other people I know have a Wave account, I don’t think there’s much I can do with it.

The BBC is reporting that Top 10 Broadband have recently carried out a survey that has established that people on the same street sometimes receive vastly different broadband speeds. They’re not entirely sure why, but they have a few theories, and they hope that the study will help ISPs to provide a more even service for everyone.

I sure hope so. I’ve seen some radically different broadband speeds in my own house when going from one ISP to another. I’d love to know how fast my neighbour’s broadband is in comparison. Then again, living in a village, I can’t ask for much.

I’ll be heading down the gym after work tonight as per usual. Last week, the admin decided to have a rowing competition to see how fast we could row a mile. I’m not sure how long the competition is going to last, but I was the first person to put my name down with a time of 6 minutes 45 seconds. Two people then beat my time, so I tried again and cut my time to 6 minutes 21 seconds. But again, a couple of others have beaten my time, with the fastest being 5 minutes 58 seconds.

Now, I’m not sure what difficulty they’re doing it on, but I’ve been doing it on level 10 (the hardest). I’m not sure if the difficulty level makes any difference to the “distance” covered, but I’m gonna try and test the machines out tonight, by rowing a mile on level 1 (the easiest level) and seeing how fast I can do it.

If it turns out I can row a mile a lot quicker, then it would make sense to record a time on level 1 rather than 10. If, however, I can’t do it any quicker, then fair play to the people who beat me. (I’ll still try and beat their scores though!)

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