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Gmail Always Using HTTPS?

Posted by | Posted in Geek Stuff | Posted on 25-08-2009

Last night/this morning I went to access my Gmail emails via my iGoogle widget, and was kindly informed that the emails couldn’t be displayed because HTTPS was enabled in Gmail, and the iGoogle widget couldn’t function unless HTTPS was turned off. Five seconds later, however, they magically appeared in the widget.

Upon opening the full Gmail and checking my settings, HTTPS was actually turned off (just how I’ve always had it set) and yet the address bar read “https://mail.google.com/mail/”. So not only was Gmail using HTTPS all the time, but it seems as though they’ve fixed the iGoogle widget to make it HTTPS-friendly.

Horay for Google! For a long time people have been a little wary about Gmail and the fact that it didn’t implement HTTPS without the user specifically activating it (which you can do under the ‘General’ tab in Settings) but, it seems, they’re experimenting with enabling it permanently. The only reason I didn’t enable it myself is because of the iGoogle widget issue, which they seemed to have fixed.

With any luck now, they’ll enable HTTPS for everyone by default, which will make using Gmail much more secure, but people who use the Gmail iGoogle widget will still be able to see their emails on iGoogle.

It may only be a testing phase right now, but it seems to work. There’s nothing on there right now, but we may hear something on the Official Gmail Blog.

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